Zambia Safari - 2017

light. Again we were disappointed to have to return to the lodge for supper though we were all hungry.

On that same day, we went out again in the total darkness and were rewarded with so many wonderful sightings. We had all wanted to see African porcupines and we saw three of the prickly but much more beautiful creatures than ours in North America. Their spines are pronouncedly black and white and glow and shine in the spotlight. We could hear the spines clicking when the creatures moved about. Dimly but surely, we saw two leopards, a male and a female together. Yellow baboons were yelling at the leopards who didn't seem to be hunting mode. We came upon elephants blocking our way with a tree they had just toppled into the trail. We had to find another way around the elephant roadblock. That way led us over the roughest terrain ever.

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