Zambia Safari - 2017

surrounded an oxbow of the Chongwe River where the scene was idyllic. There was an elephant family standing on the shore with some in the water. Three females, one youngster, and a tiny baby. They were at leisure with some drinking and some bathing. the younger cavorted around splashing and squirting at everyone. The tiny baby was trying to figure out how to use this long thing falling from his face. He clearly had not mastered the muscular "hose" and made fitful starts at drinking and spraying. One female was standing with him and she seemed to be showing the proper action, but he was having trouble picking it up.

There were impalas, waterbucks, bushbucks, and cape buffalo in the vicinity, all ignoring one another as each species went about its own activities. Birds and crocs were on the banks in close proximity but seemingly without fear.

We enjoyed picnic lunch in the rover with a lone elephant and lots of baboons playing nearby. Driving out of the park we again saw Ginger and Garlic (the first two male lions we had seen here) along with their two lionesses. A perfect but reluctant goodbye to beautiful and bountiful Zambia!

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