Zambia Safari - 2017

The highest point is in the Mofinga Hills at 7,349 ft. While the lowest elevation is at the Zambezi River at 1079 ft. The population is very skewed towards a younger group of people: out of the 15,972,000 citizens, 46% are 14 years old or less. HIV/AIDS has taken a huge toll on the citizenry, with over a million and a half people living with

the disease and many more who have died, leaving orphans and accounting for the predominance of young people.

The Zambezi River is the 4th longest in Africa (1,599 miles) and the longest flowing into the Indian Ocean. This river is the boundary between Zambia and Zimbabwe (old Rhodesia). It also creates boundaries for 4 other countries in total: Angola, Namibia, Botswana, and Mozambique. Busy and important resource for all six. ZAMBIAN ADVENTURES We stayed in two national parks of Zambia; the first was South Luangwa where our home was the Kakuli Bush Camp. The other was Lower Zambezi where we stayed at Chongwe River Camp. Both were comfortable with friendly and helpful guides, drivers and camp staff. Meals were delicious and plentiful; too generous really, making us all feel wasteful when we could not eat all the foods presented. 4:30 wake-up call for the drive to Lusaka Airport to catch the flight to Mfuwe International Airport, a grand name for a very basic bush airport. The flight was only an hour and we were pleased to see a lady pilot. We learned that the much- repeated luggage restrictions on internal flights were not enforced at all. We all just climbed up the ladder and threw whatever we were carrying into the tail of the plane with no questions or weighing process in the bargain.

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