Fine Art Collector | Autumn 2019

Why Original Art? When purchasing an artwork, one of the first decisions to make is whether to buy a limited edition or original piece. For those of you considering spending a little more on a one-off creation, we’ve put together a short guide as to why this could be the right choice for you.

While we are known for the original-worthy quality of our limited edition artworks, sometimes original art can bring something different to your home. Our South Molton Street gallery manager, Jess Devenish, explains: “There’s a painterly quality to the brushstrokes that is unique to an original piece." THAT EXTRA SOMETHING SPECIAL Not all of our collection is shown online or in galleries. Be sure to attend our artist appearances and exhibitions to preview never-before-seen works, or contact our online or gallery teams to find out more about our back catalogue, upcoming pieces and commissions by your favourite artists. A HUGE SELECTION Our ethos at Castle is to make art accessible to all. “Original art can sometimes seem out of reach initially but we can definitely help to make it more affordable,” says art consultant Jack Lunn. “We have many clients who prefer to spread the cost of owning an amazing original piece by simply placing a deposit and paying the rest in affordable, interest-free monthly instalments. This can be done over a period of time which suits their budget and circumstances at the time.” “Our limited edition programme is absolutely incredible and the detail that goes into replicating our original works is second-to-none. But there’s just something special about an artwork that has been created from the initial concept to the finished piece by the artist’s own hand – it adds that intimate, personal and creative touch. Every time you buy an original artwork, you’re investing in something the artist has put their heart and soul into. Richard Rowan’s landscapes are so exquisite that they look like they must have been created digitally, but on the reverse side of the glass, you can see the multiple layers of larger strokes that go into making the minute detail on the front. Or you may spot a rogue SOPHIE BANCROFT Assistant manager, Original Art department EASY PAYMENT OPTION


Our original portfolio boasts works by artists such as John Myatt, Paul Kenton and Stuart McAlpine Miller, all of whom have exhibited internationally and now boast collectors across the globe. When choosing one of these pieces, you’re not only buying an incredible artwork, to be enjoyed and cherished over the years, but your own piece of art history. “Our artists continually experiment with technique, texture and mediums, so a wonderful benefit to buying an original artwork is that you happen to own what represents a unique stage in the artist’s personal journey,” says the manager of our Tunbridge Wells gallery, Donna Le Ves Conte. With many of our artists creating very limited numbers of original works per year, their exclusivity makes them even more covetable. NO TWO ARE THE SAME Original and limited edition works can be displayed side-by-side throughout your living space – how you curate your collection is up to you! Manager of our Bath gallery, Karen King, adds: “I’ve had clients say they’ve never really thought about owning an original piece, but a delightful couple I know have recently bought a Paul Kenton original and two vintage Disney sketches when they’ve previously only ever bought prints.” COMPLEMENTING LIMITED EDITION ART

An original is a one-off piece created by an artist. Limited edition art is a translation of an original piece. Our highly-skilled atelier teams create the exceptionally high quality prints, hand- embellished editions and sculptures series - often difficult to distinguish from the original piece - for which Castle Fine Art has become known. WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A LIMITED EDITION AND ORIGINAL ARTWORK?

paintbrush hair in Paul Corfield’s works. You’re getting that extra bit of magic when you choose an original. “I joined Castle over five years ago, and the novelty of being the first to see our new original pieces has never worn off. Although I’m not physically in the galleries, I curate the collections of original art for their walls. It’s such a fantastic feeling to know that the choices I make could end up in someone’s home. Each of our artists has honed their craft and is at the top of their game, so it is a dream to be surrounded by beautiful art each and every day.”

“The unique feature about owning an original artwork is that you happen to own the only one of its kind in the world.” – Donna Le Ves Conte



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