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What defines us ...

Shaping Hearts ChallengingMinds Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

Our Mission

The mission of Cambridge Christian School is to glorify God in all that we do; to demonstrate excellence at every level of academic, athletic and artistic involvement; to develop strength of character; and to serve the local and global community.


Congratulations to Taylor Gulnick ‘14 who is living out her dreams as a Pediatric Perioperative Nurse at John Hopkins Hospital.

Jesus used wonderful parables to instruct us in how to live our lives. One of the most notable lessons can be found in Matthew when He gave us the Sermon on the Mount and discussed the importance of a strong foundation. “Therefore everyone who hears these words of mine and puts them into practice is like a wise man who built his house on the rock. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock. But everyone who hears these words of mine and does not put them into practice is like a foolish man who built his house on sand. The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that house, and it fell with a great crash.” A strong foundation is important in education and in life. Our 800 plus alumni are a wonderful testament to this! From the mission field, to the nation’s most prestigious military academies, to everything in between, they have relied on the fundamental academic and faith based skills we feel are so vital to thriving in today’s economic and social climate. From an academic perspective, Cambridge believes that foundational skills like cursive writing, physical education and music classes are a vital part of the educational process. While many schools have cut back in these areas, the research shows that they are a necessary part of a child’s cognitive and physical development. We combine 21st century technology, Engaged Learning techniques and strong fundamentals early on to help develop a well-rounded student prepared for the academic rigors of college life. Likewise, we believe a strong spiritual foundation creates a well-rounded individual. Our daily Bible classes, weekly Chapel services, grade level retreats and small groups all help lay the groundwork for a graduate that is prepared for the rigors of life. While there are no guarantees, we believe that helping

your child build a strong spiritual foundation is a wise endeavor, bringing forth the opportunity to thrive amidst the trials and living a life filled with security, peace and joy.

Once aLancer, Always aLancer.

Cambridge Christian School (CCS) is fully accredited by Christian Schools of Florida (CSF), the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) (otherwise known as AdvancEd), and the National Council for Private School Accreditation (NCPSA). These three organizations provide us with state, regional and national accreditation, and SACS is the accreditor for colleges and public schools in the southeast United States. All of these groups, working in conjunctionwith one another, provide us with external “eyes” of accountability to ensure that we are providing academic excellence with a Biblical worldview.

have averaged close to $70,000 per student in academic college scholar- ship o ff ers. Amongst our 28 years of alumni are physicians, prominent Tampa area attorneys, an International Trade Specialist at the US Dept. of Commerce, a Circuit Court Judge, legislative aides, engineers, and pilots, just to name a few. These alumni have been equipped to engage and impact culture both professionally and spiritually. While many schools can claim to o ff er a college preparatory education, we feel it is important to provide our students with a “life preparatory” environment. Life preparatory speaks of a strong foundation for students to flourish, where a Biblical Worldview cannot be undervalued. A strong academic curriculum is important but research indicates that the success of a graduate is assisted by a strong spiritual foundation. Preparing for college is important; preparing for life is essential. The development of a well-rounded student is Cambridge’s mission and the ministry to which we commit ourselves each and every day. Challenge me, Encourage me, Prepare me.

Further, Athletics and the Arts will not be sacrificed at CCS. While many public school systems have been forced to cut in these areas, our programs have expanded and gained a winning reputation by every definition of the word. CCS is a member of the Florida High School Athletic Association (FHSAA) and competes for state championships. Our Art Department participates in juried shows, we have a robust band and choir program, and our Fine Arts Department holds yearly Broadway musicals to showcase our students’ talents and abilities. Rigor is not sacrificed at CCS. We o ff er a full complement of Advanced Placement (AP)

courses, and we continue to graduate National Merit Scholars. University admissions offices have expressed a high regard for our alumni and in recent years, our graduating classes

College and Life Preparatory

The Cardus Education Survey (2011) concluded that “unlike their peers in other schools, Christian school graduates do not report feeling hopeless when dealing with problems in life. They have more optimism and hope for the future and have the tools to engage in healthy relationships and deal with the di ffi culties in their life.”


At Cambridge, we put a high value on relationships. Our relationships with parents are a partnership; we work closely with you to help your child become the person God created them to be. Our relationships with students are one of discipleship and mentorship, providing instruction and guidance during the most pivotal years of growth and maturity. Relationships between students are characterized by encouragement and healthy competition. This focus on relationships does not go un- noticed. Every year, we receive emails and calls from parents at other schools andmembers of the

He is the example we follow. • We believe in trusting Him; with our relationships, our finances, and our lives (Proverbs 3:5). • We believe in communicating with Him through an active and healthy prayer life (Colossians 4:2). • We believe in listening, which is a vital part of the communication process (Proverbs 2: 1-5).

community who notice “something di ff erent” going on at Cambridge. This year, our Upper School Principal was stopped by some of the employees where we hold our grade level retreats. They went on and on about our student’s politeness and kindness and how they look forward to our school coming every year. What struck them the most, however, was “how these kids take care of each other.” One of them said, “You don’t understand, we just don’t see that. It means so much to us to see a group of kids caring and looking out for each other the way your kids do.” Most of us would agree that the two most important aspects to making relationships work are trust and communication. Why is this important and where do we go to see that example? At CCS, the most important relationship any of us can have is with Christ. It’s where all our relationships begin and end. Through faith, hearts are changed, and when hearts are changed, growth occurs, and through growth comes maturity. Mature, loving relationships with each other and with our Creator are the center of life at CCS.

Fine Arts and Athletic Departments. Upper School Key Club members serve the homeless, monthly, at Trinity Café in Tampa and our Lower School Christian Student Leadership Council for 5th and 6th grades work to raise funds for Hope Children’s Home. Our CCS Ambassadors are chosen to serve the school as leaders and representatives of the Lancer legacy in action. Many of these Ambassadors also serve other students as Small Group Leaders, working with underclassmen to help them grow in their faith, character, and commitment to service. Again, we look to Jesus as the greatest example of this legacy. Mark 10: 43-45 reminds us that to be great, you must first be humble and learn to serve others. Each student has been given wonderful gifts. It is with these God-given gifts, we believe, that students should go forth to serve others and change the world. Legacy of Love What legacy do you want your child to receive and leave? Is it one of wealth? Valuables? Career? As adults, we know all these things can make life easier but we also know they are temporary. Fortunes and jobs can be lost at any moment. It is wise, as parents, to invest in a legacy that will not pass with time; a legacy that will help them create a fulfilling life, not just a successful one. That legacy is love. Paul teaches us in Corinthians that all things in life will pass but that love endures. The imparting of knowledge with excellence is critical to our mission as a college preparatory school, but love edifies. The development and growth of a child’s heart and spiritual life is the cornerstone of our ministry and the legacy which we are most grateful for.

Here are the 3 most important ways we try to leave a legacy every day:

Legacy of Excellence An important statement in our mission reads, “To demonstrate excellence at every level of academic, athletic and artistic involvement.” This commitment to excellence is evident in the awards,

achievements and accolades across our campus. Additionally, the academic and vocational success of our alumni is certainly something we are proud of, however, following Colossians 3:23, we believe in working with excellence no matter who is watching or what the earthly prize may be. Mediocrity abounds and is easily achieved but doing things with excellence takes work! Our students are taught that working hard to the best of their abilities and having integrity are the cornerstones to a lifelong habit of excellence. While all schools want excellence, doing so for the Lord, brings with it a sense of joy and inner peace that aren’t dependent on

earthly rewards. In this way, even the most menial of tasks can become an act of praise! Legacy of Service Students at CCS serve the community, school and each other. They serve the local and global community through yearly mission trips sponsored by our


The dictionary would define the word legacy as a gift or bequest, handed down from an ancestor or predecessor. Because of this commonly known definition, we often think of a legacy as something that is handed down after we are gone. In fact, many schools have “legacy” events celebrating successful alumni and endowments given to the school from those that have passed. As we celebrate over 50 years serving the Tampa Bay area, we consider all those to be important reasons, but legacy, to us, means something more. Legacy at CCS is something that happens in the present; the sharing of knowledge and values now takes precedent over the sharing of money and valuables later.


Preparing for college is important; preparing for life is essential.

Building aLegacy, one Life at a time, for over 50 years.

Cambridge Christian School

6101 N. Habana Ave. Tampa, FL 33614-6024



So, what IS the role of a Christian school?

Purpose - Passion - Principles

Th ere are many ways to say it, but from our perspective,

Why CCS?

Serving Christ through Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

Cambridge Christian School strives to be a place, a family, an environment where God-honoring teachers, with loving, respectful attitudes, make it possible for students to learn.

6101 North Habana Avenue, Tampa, Florida 33614-6024 813-872-6744

Ever been to a taxidermy shop? Me neither. But, I’ve seen plenty of arti fi cially preserved animals and heads on the wall. And I can envision the process that produced those outcomes. Empty out the space and then fi ll it with stu ffi ng. What’s the result? … something that looks sort of life-like but, of course, in reality is far less so. Th is scenario should move us to ask whether that’s a reasonable prototype for educating our children. Mental taxidermy? Sadly, in many classrooms of our modern world, that’s what it seems to be like. And even more sadly, the result also is o ft en the same … arti fi cial.

… learn to believe. It’s certainly true that what we believe when we are young shapes all of our life to come. We are dedicated to introducing every CCS student to the truth about God and what He o ff ers to every person through faith in His Word. … learn to relate. Since all of life takes place within the context of relationships, our intent is to help all students treasure the best kinds of those bonds and live them out in the most honorable and ful fi lling ways possible. It is our fi rmest conviction and experience that this catalog of learning leads to genuine success in a person’s life. In notoriety and wealth? Maybe. In ful fi lling personhood? Certainly! Does this kind of nurturing and training of a child happen quickly? Of course not. Weeds grow really fast, oak trees take much longer. One or two years in the kind of learning atmosphere we’re talking about is a start … but realizing that growing a person takes a long time, why not begin as early as possible! Th e words of God to the Old Testament prophet, Habakkuk, echo that very truth: “But these things I plan won’t happen right away. Slowly, steadily, surely, the time approaches when the vision will be ful fi lled. If it seems slow, do not despair, for these things will surely come to pass. Just be patient! Th ey will not be overdue a single day!” - Habakkuk 2:3 (TLB) Does this kind of nurturing and training of a child happen in predictable uniformity? Oh no. You can homogenize milk…but not children. Paying close attention to how students learn and making adjustments along the way, as well as leading those learners through a large variety of experiences and methods, is where deep and abiding growth takes root and blossoms. Does this kind of nurturing and training of a child happen cheaply? Th e price is steep, indeed. It involves more e ff ort, time, dollars, and emotional investment than most people can fathom. But, to paraphrase another old saying, “If you think the meaningful training of a child is costly, try NOT doing it.” Th e size of THAT price tag is ominous, to be

sure. But then, why would we be willing to mortgage our lives for vacations, speed boats, and jewelry, only to scrimp on the most precious treasures of all? Obviously, we here at CCS are biased in favor of our wonderful school, its families, faculty, and atmosphere. But, we have found through many years of steady investment into the lives of so many boys and girls, from the nursery to the cap and gown, that it’s not only possible to guide young lives to experience the kind of learning I’m speaking of, it’s a consistent reality here on North Habana Avenue in life a ft er life, family a ft er family. If you’ll permit me, I’ll return to our opening analogy. Taxidermy; indeed a poor replacement for genuine life! Instead, I’ll suggest what may be a better image. Stoking a furnace. A strong, intricately designed vessel fueled with the right contents that when ignited exudes light, heat, energy, and power. What’s the result of approaching the education of a child THIS way? By God’s gracious help, the growing of a real person with real in fl uence in the real world. And, who wouldn’t greatly rejoice over that kind of outcome! We fully know that Cambridge Christian School is what it is by God’s divine grace and empowering Holy Spirit. And as we move further into our second 50 years, we humbly want to see Him continue to use our dedicated e ff orts to bless the lives of even more students and their families, and, in so doing, glorify Himself. So, we invite you to not wait a single moment longer. But, come along with us on the adventure of a lifetime ... your child’s lifetime. Join us in experiencing the success we can have together in “stoking the furnace.” Th en, stand back to marvel, not at arti fi cial trophies on the wall … but at young men and women who have learned to understand what’s truly important, found out how to see life as God sees it, and who are ready, willing and able to live ful fi lling, in fl uential lives that honor the God who makes it all possible. In other words, get ready to watch them do what no stu ff ed head can do. Watch them change the world!

Have you noticed that some schools approach the teaching/learning process as primarily being about producing a highly knowledgeable individual? Th e assumption seems to be that “smarts” lead directly to achievement, advancement, and a ffl uence. Good Grades = Good Job=GoodLife.We all know, however, fromexperience (our own and others’) that this “ain’t necessarily so.” Th is is an educational model that could be called circumstance- based, primarily focused on succeeding in a set of events.

Remember, it’s just not possible for any institution of learning to o ff er an absolute guarantee of outcomes. And, as a profoundly Christian school, we are fully aware that it is never withinOUR power to spiritually enliven or revive a child’s soul. Spiritual birth and renewal are unquestionably the work of God’s Spirit and Word. So, what IS the role of a Christian school? Th ere are many ways to say it, but fromour perspective, CCS strives to be a place, a family, an environment where God-honoring teachers, with loving, respectful attitudes, make it possible for students to learn. Make no mistake, as you travel about the Cambridge campus you fi nd a whole lot of rigorous mental activity going on. Th ere are all sorts of academic standards, curriculums and measurements at work in every level of our involvement with students, just as you would expect from a highly recognized college preparatory school. But, our teachers are commissioned to take students on an even deeper journey of discovery. Beyond the boundaries of learning the alphabet, multiplication tables, the history of our world and nation, athletic and artistic skills, foreign languages, the advanced sciences, literature, psychology, and many other subjects, there are the biggest kinds of learning. And, to us, these matter the most! Th e true heartbeat of Cambridge Christian School is all about leading boys and girls, young men and women in the adventure of becoming people of in fl uence in the world. And to be such people they must certainly … … learn to think. Our goal for them is that they not merely retain facts, fi gures, and formulas, but be able to analyze, critique, and recognize what is really true. … learn to value and choose. We want to o ff er them the solid foundation of an objective, Biblical morality that will provide an accurate framework for decision making throughout all of life.

But, what if there’s more to schooling than just that?

In the 1800’s a man named John Ruskin, an English artist and social thinker, rose to in fl uence in his own culture and beyond. During his early life he had embraced evangelical Christianity, only to forsake it as he grew older. So, while it’s hard to hold Ruskin up as an appropriate spokesman for a Bible-based education, despite his spiritual straying, we can/should applaud one of the best ideas he ever voiced: “ Th e highest reward for a person’s toil is not what they get for it, but what they become by it.” Amen! Here at Cambridge Christian School, we are committed to the proposition that education is not solely about

excellence on the report card, superiority on the fi eld or high acclaim on the concert stage. It’s about becoming a particular kind of person. And as happy as a high score on a test or a rising GPA can make a parent, we believe that those are never worth “settling for” in exchange for a noble character; one that is marked by traits such as faith, integrity, and genuine compassion for others. Naturally, every dad and mom wants both (the grades

AND the character). And, as a school, so do we. But we are convinced beyond all doubt that it matters dearly which of those pursuits get’s top priority. We do NOT want to be mostly known for “stu ffi ng heads” but primarily for “igniting hearts.”

Ephesians 2:10 “For we are God’s

What does a Cambridge Christian School (CCS) graduate look like? CCS uses the metaphor of a portrait to re fl ect the qualities desired in each student graduating from our school. CCS is far from alone in painting this portrait. In fact, the primary painters are the parents, and when parents fully pursue a Kingdom Education, the church has also contributed to the fi nal portrait. Still, the school has provided a palette and a canvas to assist the parents in their role. We pray that every CCS student will exemplify the qualities in the portrait described below. Our goal is that every student graduating from CCS could be described as a: • Christ-follower • Creative Problem Solver • Collaborator • Servant Leader

masterpiece. He has created us anew in Christ Jesus, so we can do the good things he planned for us long ago.”

Our Mission The mission of Cambridge Christian School is to glorify God in all that we do; to demonstrate excellence at every level of academic,

athletic and artistic involvement; to develop strength of character; and to serve the local and global community. Visit our web site to discover more. 6101N. Habana Ave., Tampa, FL 33614 813-872-6744


Portrait of a Graduate

We do not view our students merely as consumers; they are creators. CCS graduates are neither solely recipients nor deliverers of information. Rather, they are solutions-oriented, innovative thinkers that embrace the process of identifying and solving problems. They k now that this process often requires them to step outside of the box. Th ey know the importance of investigating Scripture on their own and owning their own faith. Th ey are known for the questions they ask. COLLABORATOR “The eye cannot say to the hand, ‘I don’t need you!’ And the head cannot say to the feet, ‘I don’t need you!’On the contrary, those parts of the body that seemtobeweaker are indispensable, and theparts that we think are less honorable we treat with special honor. And theparts that areunpresentable are treated with special modesty, while our

body and has given greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.” - 1 Corinthians 12:20-25 American society is now a global society. Our graduates will encounter a global economy and culture. Th ey are equipped to engage this culture and, when necessary, confront it. Th ey will have experienced authentic, interpersonal relationships on the CCS campus with both adults and peers. Th ey know the importance of working with others to solve a problem or complete a task. Th ey value teamwork, and they have experienced coming together to pool resources to accomplish an objective.

CHRIST-FOLLOWER “ThenJesus said tohisdisciples,‘Whoeverwants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and followme.’” – Matthew 16:24 CCS is an outreach Christian school. In other words, in our admissions process, we do not require any profession of faith in Christ from either prospective parents or students. Th erefore, we enroll families from all walks of life, and people choose CCS for a host of reasons. Still, our prayer is that every graduate would experience and be able to articulate this saving faith. This is our top priority because the value of the remaining portrait descriptors has a ceiling without the purpose and balance found in a relationshipwithChrist. CREATIVE PROBLEM SOLVER

SERVANT LEADER “Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to becomegreat amongyoumust be your servant, and whoever wants to be fi rst must be slave of all. For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve,and to give his life as a ransom for many.” - Mark 10:42-45 In a society of sel fi es, CCS graduates put others fi rst. Th ey have been provided opportunities to be trained as Jesus-style leaders – those who lead by fi rst serving. Lancers can be evangelizers, mentors, disciples, and servant- leaders all while still on the CCS campus. Compassion is practically applied by students both on campus and for others in our community and on the mission field world-wide. As a result, CCS graduates are encouraging, sel fl ess leaders as they embark on the college and life experience.

presentable parts need no special treatment. But God has combined the members of the

“The simple believe anything, but the prudent give thought to their steps.” – Proverbs 14:15


Class of 2020

! Bythe

numbers Honors Scholarships Service above self Sports

The Class of 2020

By the NUMBERS! ! 100% College Acceptance ! O ff ered admission to 73 di ff erent universities ! O ff ered over $4.8 million dollars in scholarships ! Total Community Service Hours: 11,500 ! Graduating with honors: 29

! Summa Cum Laude: 10 ! Magna Cum Laude: 9 ! Cum Laude: 10 ! Three seniors committed to play college athletics

“IT’S GOOD TO BE A LANCER!” Find out more about how you can be a LANCER by visiting us at


About Cambridge Christian School Cambridge Christian is a college preparatory, Christian outreach school serving students from three months through twel ft h grade. Th e Kingdom Education model followed by CCS teaches through the lens of a Biblical worldview, partnering with parents and the local church in the education of their children. A partnership with CCS provides students with a strong foundation for life and college from a nationally accredited school committed to educating the whole child.

Fundamentals @CCS

For more information, visit us on the web at

Why not have both? At Cambridge Christian School, we focus our attention not only on preparing our students for 21st century learning, but also on the foundational skills that many schools have abandoned.

What about our music program? Research shows that children who participate in music education for one year have increases in general intelligence (Schellenberg, 2006). Music is also mathematical. Th e rhythmic quality of music fosters children’s ability to keep time and count sequences (Seefeldt, 2010). Research also has found that music instruction helps develop the capacity for spatial-temporal reasoning, which is integral to the acquisition of important mathematics skills. Musical training in rhythm emphasizes proportion, patterns, fractions and ratios expressed as mathematical relations. Th ose who took instrumental music were more than twice as likely to perform at the highest levels in math as their peers who were not involved in music (Catterall, 2002). Beginning Band and Advanced Band program for our fourth and fift h graders twice a week. Our sixth graders have the option of Choir or Band, which perform regularly with the middle school music students, and for weekly chapels. Our hope is to carry on a legacy of music in your child’s life that will continue through their middle and high school years. So, what can you expect from a CCS education? Our Lower School Program creates their foundation in Music early on by administering music instruction weekly starting in Preschool. We also have a Cambridge Christian School’s college and life preparatory program begins in preschool. Our goal, through the use of a blended curriculum, is to have students who are pro fi cient in the fundamentals, as well as 21st century technology. Our commitment to Engaged Learning enables students to learn and become accomplished in their presentation, critical thinking and relational skills. Most importantly, taught through the lens of a Biblical Worldview, our integrated curriculum is designed to deepen our discussions and help grow our students both academically and spiritually. Th e mission of Cambridge Christian School is to glorify God in all that we do; to demonstrate excellence at every level of academic, athletic, and artistic involvement; to develop strength of character; and to serve the local and global community.

Why are Fundamentals Still Important in a Technology-Driven Society?

Research has shown that students across the nation are spending only minutes a day outside doing physical activity and approximately 5-7 hours a day in front of a television or computer screen (Lue, 2013). Th e American Academy of Pediatrics asserts that recess is a crucial and necessary component of a child’s

development (AAP, 2012). Th e National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends that elementary students get at least 30 minutes of recess time every day (NASPE, 2010). Why are these critical components of a child’s development being le ft out? Some answers are to meet the demands of a Common Core, to accommodate a more rigorous academic curriculum, or sometimes just to save money. Our Lower School Physical Education Department at Cambridge Christian School provides your child with a comprehensive physical education program and recess opportunities that meet or exceed the NASPE recommendations.

Why is cursive writing important? Under current Common Core State Standards, the overwhelming majority of states do not have cursive writing as part of their curriculum (O’Connor, 2014). Research shows using cursive is an important tool for cognitive development (Klemm, 2013) and develops functional specialization that integrates sensation, movement control, and thinking (Klemm, 2013).

We hear about it in the news constantly or read it online… “state schools cut funding for physical education and music programs,” or “new Common Core standards exclude cursive writing.” Programs and curriculum that bring value to your children’s education are slowly working their way out of many of today’s schools and are being replaced with a new emphasis that focuses solely on technological skills.

Our Lower School begins an introduction to cursive in the second grade while continuing to learn keyboarding and other marketable technological skills through sixth grade, building relationships and con fi dence all throughout the process.

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