Preventative Maintenance

Preventative Maintenance

Housing Choices will undertake preventative maintenance relating to periodic servicing of plant and equipment, including furniture for shared use in the home, to reduce the likelihood of failure. Preventative maintenance is essential to ensure reliable operation, compliance with safety requirements and warranty conditions. This can also include systematic equipment inspections to identify any necessary repairs required.

Planned Maintenance

Housing Choices conducts a Property Condition Survey on a rolling triennial basis in order to ensure the home environment remains comfortable, safe and well maintained. Housing Choices will provide notice in advance prior to conducting these surveys. Access to all areas of the property will be required, therefore please advise during this notice period if access to any part of the property may be restricted, or hazardous to the health of Housing Choices sta (ie. Illness). Please be advised that Housing Choices values privacy of residents, visitors and sta. Only information relating to property conditions, plant and equipment, outdoor areas and structural integrity will be collected.

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