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THE MISSION BEHIND OUR ‘BUILD YOUR BEAUTIFUL’ CAMPAIGN Music City Plastic Surgery is excited to announce 2020 as the year of Build Your Beautiful! After months of careful planning, prepping, and some well-deserved celebration, we launched our new campaign

late last year, and we think it’s the most important mission we’ve ever had because it’s all about doing things differently. We’ve always known our patients are beautiful, and they come to us to be able to recognize that beauty in themselves. But our new mission is to really live this ideal, and help our patients live it, too. Hollywood has it backward. Most plastic surgeons only operate with a one-track focus on what’s on the outside. They only care about their own assessment, their own artistic interpretation, and their own investment in the technology they can use to create what they perceive as beautiful. While a degree of each of these is certainly important to a professional process, they are hardly what we’re all about. We’re making “Nashville Natural” the new standard. What this means is we’re taking an empowering approach to the stigma of plastic surgery with a singular goal in mind: to help our patients discover the beauty they’ve possessed all along. Our mission is to enhance their lives by recognizing what makes them beautiful on the inside, then giving them a way to express that beauty on the outside so they can show the world who they truly are.

ago. It was her first time receiving any sort of cosmetic surgery, and she was

behind Build Your Beautiful goes so much further beyond that. As that patient later put it, “Beauty is so much more than what I was seeing.” She could finally be her true self, and they could finally enjoy how wonderful that person was. I call that the ripple effect. Everything starts with a single action, but it becomes about so much more than that action. We help our patients build better lives for themselves but not because we’re building it for them. It’s because we’re providing one small, singular action that then helps them go on to utilize their beauty, both inside and out, in ways they were unable to before. Our patients are the ones who exemplify what it really means to Build Your Beautiful. We’re just here to let them know they can do it.

understandably nervous. When I asked her if she was ready, her reply was “Yes, please make me beautiful.” That statement hit me like a shock wave, and I stopped our pre- op procedures. I sat down next to her, took her hands, and I told her the truth: “You already are beautiful.” There was a sense of understanding and appreciation between the two of us in that moment that I wont easily forget. I make it a point to make sure all of our patients understand this same thing because for every one of them, it’s also true. Our patient coordinator Awndria noticed this truth in our interactions with our patients, put a name to it, and the natural progression of the Build Your Beautiful mission took shape. The most inspiring result we see in our patients is not something we can actually physically see. Yes, they may come to us for a physical alteration of some sort. But the idea

–Dr. Mike

The root of this mission began in one moment with a patient nearly a year

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