King's Business - 1937-01


FOUR STIRRING, INSPIRING BOOKLETS ON Timely Subject«, “ The Jew and Hi« Destiny,** “ The Prince -of Thi« W orld/* “ The Cross of Gold,’’ 35 cents each. "The Kirkanilly Twins,” 10 cents— all for $ 1.00. E. H. Moseley, Gaines* ville, Texas. ALAN PEARCE, 1925 E. FIFTH STREET, Long Beach, Calif., will take orders for Pro­ phetic Books by Louis S. Bauman, D.D., and for other publications. See display ad page 35. PROPHECY MONTHLY, DEPT. KB, 2003 AD- dison W ay, Los Angeles, Calif. 40-page monthly magazine specializing in prophecy. See display ad page 33. DR. HOWARD A. TALBOT, 433 N. BROAD- way, De Pere, W is., author of new booklet, “ Eternal Life,” and other helpful publications. See display ad page 24. THROUGH THE BIBLE STUDY FOR SUN- day Schools and Bible Classes by Harlin J. Roper, Pastor of the Scofield Memorial Church. One half million sold. 14,820 questions. Send 15c for first-.booklet, covering 3 months study. Address: Through the Bible Publishers, Dallas, Texas. See display ad page 27. CFiURCH MUSIC sJ ——---------- DON M. A L L m 2127 CITY VIEW ST., LOS Angeles, Ca’/r., publisher of “ Singing His Praises,” containing new choruses and heart­ stirring favorites. See display ad page 3 1. THE BIBLE INSTITUTE COLPORTAGE Ass’n, 810 N. Wells St., Chicago, 111., pub­ lishers of “ Moody Centenary Song Book,” at 10c each, $7.50 per 100. See display ad page 25 .______________________ __________________ HARDY MUSIC CO., 84 E. JACKSON ST., Chicago. Furnish songbooks from all Pub­ lishers, and Special Songs for Special Singers. W rite for Catalog. See display ad page 29. GORDON E. HOOKER, 558 SOUTH HOPE ST., Los Angeles, California. Offers “ Songs of Grace No. 1” and other music. See display ad page 29. HOPE PUBLISHING COMPANY, 5729-P^ W. Lake St., Chicago, 111., publishers of “ The Service Hymnal,” a complete service book for every religious use, and “ Devotional Hymns.” See display ad page 37.________________________ L1LLENAS PUBLISHING CO., 2923 TROOST Ave., Kansas City, Mo., publishers of “ Glori­ ous Gospel Hymns.” W rite for free music catalog. See display ad page 35. TABERNACLE PUB. CO., 360-A N. WALLER Ave., Chicago, 111., publishers of “ Tabernacle Hymns Number Three.” W rite for details and returnable sample copy. See display ad page 25. CHURCH SUPPLIES WILLIAM H. DIETZ, 10 S. WABASH AVE., Chicago, 111., will send upon request new 193 7 catalog of suggestions for church and Sun­ day-school. See display ad page 36. . INDIVIDUAL COMMUNION SERVICE COM- pany, 1701-1703 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa. Communion ware of quality. See display ad page 24. THOMAS COMMUNION SERVICE, BOX 542, Lima, Ohio. Offers free folder describing church communion service. See display ad page 26. ___________ _________ COLLEGES AND SCHOOLS THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Incorporated, 558 So. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif. Offers Correspondence Courses. Bulle­ tin furnished on request. See display ad page 26. FLORIDA BIBLE INSTITUTE, REV. W . T. Watson, D.D., Pres., Tampa, Fla. Fundamen­ tal, evangelical school. Write for informa­ tion, catalog, etc. See display ad page 34. MONTROSE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, MONT- rose, Pa., offers to girls thorough prepara- tion for college. See display ad page 22. MOODY BIBLE INSTITUTE CORRESPOND- ence School, 153 Institute PI., Chicago, 111., offers home study courses for winter. Send for free Bible Test. See display ads pages 22 and 30. SHERWIN CODY SCHOOL OF ENGLISH, 739 Searle Bldg., Rochester, N. Y. Study English by correspondence. Send for free book, “ How You Can Master Good English.” See display ad page 23.

DENTAL FASTEETH, NEW, GREATLY IMPROVED powder for plates. See display ad page 32. ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES HOOKER’S ELECTRIC SHOP, 700 W . SIXTH St., Los Angeles, Calif. Electrical merchan­ dise. See display ad page 26. GIFT PENCILS AD. PENCIL CO., WALBROOK 51, BALTI- more, Md., offers personal name pencils. See display ad page 36. GOSPELS AND TRACTS EMMANUEL BIBLE TRACT DEPOT. P. O. Box 5114 Ballard Station, Seattle, Wash., pub­ lishers of Prophetic Tracts. Mother Shipton’s Prophecies, written 1449 A. D. God’s Clock. Unmistakable Signs, etc. Samples 10 cents. See display ad page 20. FAITH, PRAYER AND TRACT LEAGUE, Muskegon Heights, Mich. Sample package of tracts, 25 cents. See display ad page 22. GOSPEL TRACT SOCIETY, BOX 5, VILLA Park, 111., publishers of sound Scriptural tracts. See display ad page 36. HAMILTON FREE TRACT SOCIETY, 3150 Kingsbridge Ave., NeW York City, publishers of tracts and booklets. See display ad page 30. SCRIPTURAL LEAGUE, YOUNGSTOWN, Ohio, will mail free samples of Neglected Bible Truths leaflets. See display ad page 30. SILVER PUBLISHING SOCIETY, BESSEMER Bldg., Pittsburgh, Pa., publishers of sound gospel tracts and booklets. See display ad page 36. WESTERN BOOK AND TRACT COMPANY (Oakland’s Leading Bible House), 1730 Tele­ graph Ave., Oakland, Calif. Dr. H. A. Ironside, President. Christian literature. Send for our catalogues and receive free, booklet, also. HAND-EMBROIDERED LINEN HOME OF ONESIPHORUS, 2811 N. RACINE Ave., Chicago, 111. Beautiful gifts made by children of a Christian orphanage in China. Write for free literature. See display ad page 32. HOTEL HOTEL WILLARD, 536-40 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif Christian hotel. Reasonable rates. See display ad page 34. INDEX SYSTEM WILSON INDEX COMPANY. EAST HADDAM, Conn., carries topical and textual system in­ dex sets. See display ad page 36. INSURANCE CAREFUL AND COURTEOUS ATTENTION given to your Automobile, Fire, Burglary, Life, and Liability Insurance— only strongest companies — SPECIAL AUTOMOBILE RATES if no accident for one year or more—rwrite or phone MINES, MacKEIGAN .& CO., 448 S. Hill St., Los Angeles. See display ad page 34. JEWISH MISSION WORK AMERICAN BOARD OF MISSIONS TO THE Jews, Inc., 3 1 Throop Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Extensive mission work among Jews. See display ad contents page. JEWISH MISSIONARY MAGAZINE, 2654 Marion Ave., New York City. An extensive Jewish mission work. See display ad page 26. THE LORD'S PRAYER BROADWAY PRESS, 1116 S. HOPE ST., LOS Angeles, Calif., offers 63 versions of The Lord's Prayer in 41 languages. See display ad page 31. MISSIONS CHRISTIAN MISSION TO CHURCHLESS Communities, Room 602, 25 Broad St., New York City. Supplies the gospel to the un­ churched. See display ad page 24. SOUTH AFRICA GENERAL MISSION, 29 Flatbush Ave., Brooklyn, N. Y. Pioneering in uncovered territories in Africa. Information on request. See display ad page 33.

HADDON SERVICE, BOX 164-B, FAIRFIELD, Conn. Objectalks; being short talks to boys and girls. The Eye, Ear and Heart Series. See display ad page 29. ARNOLD CARL WESTPHAL, SALEM, OHIO, offers object lesson, “ The Cigarette Tree,” complete for 25 cents. See display ad page 25. ORGANIZATION MONEY-RAISING PLANS METAL SPONGE SALES CORPORATION. Philadelphia, Pa. Advertises cooperative sell­ ing plan. See display ad page 29. ORGANS BILHORN BROS., 306 S. WABASH AVENUE, Chicago, 111. Manufacturers of Bilhorn Fold­ ing Organs. Free circular giving prices. See display ad page 24. A. L. WHITE MFG. CO.. DEPT. K., 215 Englewood Ave., Chicago, 111. Pipe-tone fold­ ing organs. Free catalog. See display ad page 32. PROPERTY MANAGEMENT THE BIBLE INSTITUTE OF LOS ANGELES, Inc., Business Dept., 558 S. Hope St., Los Angeles, Calif., will, upon request, give full information regarding placing property under Institute care. See display ad back cover. REAL ESTATE LIVE NEAR NEW YORK. ENJOY THE wonderful advantages of the Great Metropolis. Choice home sites, lowest prices, easy terms. Nine miles out. Best references. W. J. Mo- sier, Demarest, N. J. SEEDS LANCASTER COUNTY SEED CO., STATION 313, Paradise, Pa., offer variety of prizes to agents of ’’Garden-Spot” Seeds. See display ad page 35. SUNDAY-SCHOOL LITERATURE AND SUPPUES F. H. REVELL CO., 158 FIFTH AVE., NEW York, publishers of “ The Gist of the Lesson, 193 7“ by R. A. Torrey. See display ad page UNION GOSPEL PRESS, BOX 6059, CLEVE- land, Ohio, or Berean Book Rooms, 207 Wright-Callender Bldg., 405 S. Hill St., Los Angeles, Calif., offers sample pack of papers and quarterlies to Sunday-school officials. See display ad page 30. W. A. WILDE COMPANY, BOSTON, MASS., publishers of “ Peloubet’s Select Notes for 193 7,” for teachers of all grades in the Sun­ day-school. See display ad page 33. TAILORS PROGRESS TAILORING CO., 500 S. THROOP St., Chicago, 111., offers attractive plan for making good money. See display ad page 26. CHRISTIAN READERS WHO WILL DONATE back numbers of The King's Business for others unable to pay for the same, are re­ quested to communicate with the Circulation Department. VOICE INSTRUCTION PROF. EUGENE FEUCHTINGER, 64 EAST Lake St., Chicago, 111., will send free upon re­ quest 120-page illustrated book on his Perfect Voice System. See display ad page 26. WALL PAPER LLOYD’S, 48 W. 48TH ST., NEW YORK, carry Better Wall Papers. See display ad page 26. USED KING'S BUSINESS MAGAZINES

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