Inherited Assets PC1215-Digital



Many financial advisors also emphasize the importance of resisting the urge to make impulsive, big-ticket purchases, such as an expensive car, vacation home or boat. These types of purchases could increase your monthly expenses beyond what is affordable. CONSIDERATIONS IF YOU RECEIVE AN INHERITANCE The first step in establishing plans for an inheritance is understanding the various financial aspects of the assets and looking at how they impact your financial plan, tax situation and life goals. This will allow you to maximize the inheritance for your long-term financial security. UPDATE YOUR FINANCIAL PLAN Depending on the size of your inheritance, it may impact your financial objectives, bring current goals within reach, or open the door to new opportunities. That’s why it is wise to talk to a financial advisor to see how receiving these assets impact your financial life. Determining how to incorporate inherited assets into your plan depends on several factors. These include the type of assets you inherit, your financial situation and any wishes

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