Teaser Vicarious 2022 Fall Issue

dunes to the point where not even a jumpstart could rouse it again. With the nearest town more than an hour away and roadside assistance unable to make the trek to our location either, the battery re-conditioner on board the Wrangler proved a godsend. Finally, after losing nearly half a day slow-charging, the White Rhino was alive again and our convoy headed to its next adventure.

The loose gravel-and-rock surface is barely wide enough for our Jeeps to avoid plunging over the edge several times, and those with a fear of heights will want to think carefully before setting out here. But the views are well worth it, and wind- ing between the narrow canyon walls is unlike any driving experience I’ve had before, rating as one of the highlights of the trip. The sheer range of scenery and experiences within Death Valley will surprise most first-time visitors, but the area surrounding the park is every bit as remarkable. Our group made a point of spending time at the Alabama Hills Recreation Area nestled between Death Valley and Sequoia National Park. A playground of rounded hills and boulders, Alabama Hills is intended for all sorts of uses from horseback or ATV riders to hikers. The views are astonishing and the nearby town of Lone Pine has all the amenities needed to set up adventurers for camping, too. The capabilities of our Jeeps and the BMW meant we could venture far enough up the mountain to pick a camp site

Titus Canyon has a steep, narrow, 43 km trail that’s frequently closed from snow, mud or flash floods, and it more closely resembles a pioneer mule path than a place you’d want to drive. Starting outside Beatty, Nevada, it runs up over a mountain pass before winding into the stun- ning canyon below, and it doesn’t take long for our team to understand why travel is only permitted in one direction.


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