This study explores startups, corporates, investors, events, and hubs across Africa in the deep-tech ecosystem. More than 200 startups were identified as being deep-tech companies using primary and secondary data collection methods. More than 100 hubs were identified to have either supported one or multiple deep-tech startups in the past or are running programmes that can accommodate doing so in the future. In this study, hubs are defined as support structures that enable entrepreneurs to thrive, offering programmes or incubation and acceleration services. This study does not consider co- working spaces unless they offer hybrid services e.g., programmes. A survey targeted at hubs and interviews with key players was used to collect primary insights from hub managers and startup founders, while Briter’s Intelligence platform and desk research were leveraged to identify key stakeholders.

When reading the report, it should be noted that:

1. The research tries to map all deep-tech stakeholders in the continent but does not claim to have captured all existing solutions. It should also be noted that for startups, priority has been assigned to those that have raised prior funding. 2. Categorisation of sectors, products, or tech clusters has been made based on: deep-tech cluster (AI/ML, Computer Vision; Autonomous/Robotics; Hardware & Manufacturing; SW Dev Tools/DevOps; Data, Cloud & Edge; Next Generation Compute; and Security & Privacy); and Sectors (healthcare, fintech, agriculture, e-commerce, mobility, and hardware/Internet of Things (IoT)). 3. Funding analysis takes into account both conventional deep-techs, as well as startups that employ deep-tech tech clusters, for example, AI or IoT in their products and offerings. 4. Not all investments are made public and tracking private companies’ financials is subject to respecting confidentiality. Disclosed funding refers to investments that have been announced publicly. 5. ‘Undisclosed’ in funding values refers to deal values whose amounts have not been disclosed. ‘Unspecified’ refers to deals whose stages have not been announced.



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