Y8 Bulletin 10.05.24


It has been a busy week as we have said farewell to our Year 11s as they embark upon their GCSE exams. I know that the Year 8s will be in the same position in three years time. With this in mind I took the chance last week to wander into the final lessons of their Design Technology carousel. Firstly I must say that I was very impressed to see the students’ final practical pieces. I was able to see some unique patchwork in Textiles as the students were working on their final touches for their pillows. In Resistant Materials I was able to view the final boxes that the students had created. In Graphics the students had the most unique patterns, I know that Ms Burger was incredibly proud of the students’ creative thoughts. Finally in Food and Nutrition I was able to see great joy and enthusiasm as the students treated me to some apple tarts. Overall I felt lucky to see the efforts of the Year 8s with their practical subjects. I was very impressed by their overall engagement in their relevant subject. Well done to our Year 8 Rounders Players. They have had two recent victories, having played against Richmond Upon Thames School last week and Hampton High this week. I was told the students were great ambassadors for the school. Special Mention to Immy R-T and Eve B who were deemed player of the match for these games. As mentioned last week, 8EFR was able to put on an amazing charity event to support Cancer Research. I am proud to announce that they raised over £270 in just one lunchtime. It was encouraging to see so many students selling cakes and supporting the event. Thank you to all the students that played a part in the event: baking, donating, selling and organising.







Year 7/8 Rounders vs Richmond Upon Thames

WON 12.5-6.5


Year 7/8 Rounders vs Hampton High

WON 6.5-2


Raven Winter by Susanna Bailey

I really enjoyed reading this book it’s really interesting and I learnt a lot more about what to do in certain situations. It is really quite emotional but an amazing read. I love how descriptive she is. If you enjoy this book you may also like another one of Susanna’s books, Snow foal.

~ Recommended by Poppy C, 7PUN

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