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Trips Don’t Have to Be Terrible 4 TRAVEL MISTAKES YOU KEEP MAKING

Most people love to travel, but few people enjoy business trips. While that can partially be chalked up to the extra rest and relaxation you might have on a nonwork-related trip, unhealthy habits can make business trips even more draining. If business trips leave you feeling like you need a vacation, you might be making the following mistakes. SKIPPING BREAKFAST On hectic mornings with early meetings, it’s tempting to skip breakfast and just grab some coffee. But if you usually eat breakfast at home, skipping your morning meal can cause you to be a lot hungrier later, which can lead to excess snacking or overeating at lunch. When traveling, stick to your regular eating habits. EATING RESTAURANT SERVING SIZES If you’re eating three restaurant-sized meals a day, you’re going to get more calories than if you were cooking at home. Don’t be afraid to order half- portions or stick to the appetizer menu. You can also ask about ordering meals à la carte — no one needs all those fries with their burger, anyway. These strategies will help you save money and stick to a healthy calorie count. NOT PACKING WORKOUT GEAR Research from the travel risk management company On Call International found that 54% of people say they’re less likely to exercise while on a work trip, but you shouldn’t let fitness take a back seat. Packing workout clothes can

serve as a reminder to get some exercise. Get in a good workout by taking advantage of the hotel gym, walking to nearby destinations, or doing some yoga in the hotel room before bed. NOT TAKING SLEEP SERIOUSLY Early morning meetings, late-night networking events, and unfamiliar hotel rooms are a recipe for lost sleep. Lack of sleep puts your body on the fast-track to poor health, so you need to make good sleep a priority. Do your best to maintain your sleep schedule and bedtime routine while traveling. Better yet, check the guest reviews before booking your hotel. Heed complaints about thin walls or uncomfortable beds and find accommodations that support a good sleep environment.

You shouldn’t have to dread business trips. Build better travel habits to feel healthier and enjoy every kind of trip you take this year.


NEGOTIATE THE OPERATING EXPENSES. With a triple-net lease, you’re not only responsible for rent but also for a proportionate share of insurance, taxes, and operating expenses of the shopping center or building. There is almost always room to negotiate what’s included in the operating expenses and cap the percentage of operating expenses the tenant must pay. We know all of the tricks and can save you money during negotiations. PUSH FOR EXPANDED INDEMNITY. The indemnity section of a lease provides each party with protection from the other party under certain circumstances. Our firm can help you negotiate the most expanded indemnity provision possible to protect against the negligence and misconduct of landlord, its employees, and customers. SEEK COVERAGE FOR RELOCATION. If you’ve invested in improving the premises you’re renting, the last thing you need is for

At this time each year, the Texas real estate industry springs into action. Properties flood the market and many residential and commercial leases become available. At Doré Rothberg McKay, we help clients negotiate commercial lease agreements around Texas and all over the United States. Leases typically surpass 100 pages of difficult legal provisions, making a real estate attorney essential. Though every lease is different, here are four steps we can help you take to protect yourself. GO CORPORATE, FAST. We recommend setting up a corporate entity prior to entering into a commercial lease. A limited liability company will protect you from personal liability if someone is injured while on the leased premises. It also creates a layer of protection between the tenant and the landlord so your personal assets won’t be available to the landlord in the event of a lease default. Our team can create a corporate entity for a flat fee, which includes expedited filing with the secretary of state.

the landlord to relocate your business. We can help protect you from that possibility, and if the landlord insists on relocation rights, then we can negotiate provisions ensuring they pay for all relocation costs, improvements, and business interruption costs. There are many ways to protect yourself when signing a commercial lease, and hiring an experienced real estate attorney is one of them. At Doré Rothberg McKay, we pledge to provide competent and efficient negotiation of your lease and ensure maximum protection so you can focus on growing your business.

-Haley Morrison


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