A day to remember

Your wedding or civil partnership is a special occasion for all involved. Choosing the perfect setting to celebrate your relationship is important and we are very pleased that you are considering making a lifelong commitment in Westminster.

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Your guide to ceremonies in Westminster that feels remarkable, personal, and unique to you – empowered with the freedom and confidence to really make each ceremony your own.

Helping to make your dream moment unforgettable, A Day To Remember are delighted to welcome you to the City of Westminster – the nation’s most iconic ceremonial destination. We are proud to celebrate unity in all its forms with a team of registrars who are experts at marking life’s most important milestones: specialising in marriages, civil partnerships, baby naming, renewal of vows, engagement, and commitment ceremonies. We are here to help the most significant part of your day to feel effortless – guiding you through the process with decades of expertise and a rich heritage that connects our near 200-year-old service to the worlds of history, royalty, and celebrity. Regardless of who you or who you choose to love, we make it our mission to celebrate your individuality by curating an experience

If you require any further information then we invite you to contact us at adaytoremember@ westminster.gov.uk or on 020 7641 7500 – but otherwise, we congratulate you and hope for the opportunity to welcome you soon.

Westminster is home to the UK’s most prestigious array of venues and receptions, offering unparalleled variety of choice. From chic and intimate settings, to grand and opulent affairs, our registrars would be thrilled to conduct your special day at any of our spectacular licensed venues. Yet it is our home, The Old Marylebone Town Hall, that makes us particularly proud – where we’ve been commemorating extraordinary love stories for generations. No other town hall matches our gravitas and glamour, fronted by an outstanding team of ushers who help your moment to run without a hitch – the perfect ceremony before you move on to your reception.

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Westminster ceremonies

Civil marriage A civil marriage ceremony is performed by two registrars and can take place at a register office or other venues approved by Westminster City Council to hold such ceremonies. To ensure that a valid civil marriage contract is made, there cannot be any religious practices, themes, wording or music included in the ceremony. Partners can be of the same or opposite sex to enter a civil marriage. Notice of intention to marry must be given prior to entering a civil marriage – for further guidance on this please see page 9.

The ceremony begins with a warm welcome and introduction from the registrar. We offer different versions of the ceremony, which you may personalise with the addition of your own vows, music, or readings. However, all ceremonies contain some mandatory legal declarations which cannot be altered. During the ceremony you and your partner will be asked to say your marriage vows, and depending on your choice, rings may also be exchanged. Music can be incorporated into the ceremony to enhance the entrance

and exit of the couple, and the signing of the marriage schedule.

Whether you choose one of our suggested ceremonies (available to download from our website www.adaytoremember.london/ ceremonies) or make amendments to them, you will need to confirm your final ceremony choice to the Register Office prior to the ceremony by completing the ceremony planner which can be found at www.adaytoremember.london/ceremonies/ scripts-1. Please include as many details as possible about how you want your ceremony to run and be sure to submit it at least one week before your ceremony. Civil partnership To enter a civil partnership you can be of the same or opposite sex. Both of the partners, two witnesses and a registrar sign a civil partnership schedule, at the time of the ceremony. A civil partnership is recognised as a legal contract between two partners and can be conducted at any register office or approved premises. You can choose to have a purely administrative process where you sign the document in front of two witnesses or you can combine it with a ceremony. There is a sample ceremony script available to download from the website www.adaytoremember.london/ceremonies/ scripts-1 Civil partnership conversion You can convert your existing (same sex) civil partnership into a marriage at Westminster Register Office or at an approved venue. You can choose to have a purely administrative process, or to have a ceremony following the legal registration of your marriage.

You will need the following documents for the conversion:

• original civil partnership certificate • proof of identity e.g. a passport (if your name has changed you will also need a document showing the link between your names) • proof of address e.g. utility bill, bank statement, driving licence

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Marrying in a church or other religious building A religious wedding can take place at a church, chapel or other registered religious building. Most religious venues have an authorised person to perform the ceremony. However, some do not so please check this with the venue. If they do not have an authorised person, you will need to book a registrar to attend. If you are planning on marrying within the Church of England and one or both of you are from outside the European Economic Area, you will both need to give notice of intention at a register office. Please confirm with the church that you meet their requirements before giving notice. In some circumstances, we will require a letter of consent and clarification from the church to be brought with you to your notice appointment.

Those wishing to have a Jewish ceremony are also required to give notice of intention.

If you are planning on marrying in a place of worship that is not a synagogue or part of the Church of England, please make initial enquiries with that religious venue.

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Commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows ceremonies Commitment ceremonies and renewal of vows ceremonies can be held at The Old Marylebone Town Hall or any of our licensed venues in Westminster. These ceremonies are not legally binding, but provide an opportunity for couples to declare their feelings of love, trust and continued respect for each other. You are welcome to personalise these ceremonies with readings, music and vows which are special to you. A commitment ceremony would be suitable for couples who would like an alternative to a marriage or civil partnership ceremony. A renewal of vows ceremony would be suitable for couples in an existing marriage or civil partnership. This ceremony may be used for anniversaries, or simply to invite family and friends to celebrate your continued union. Perhaps you were unable to invite everyone to your original ceremony

due to Covid restrictions – so this will be a chance to make your promises all over again with all of your loved ones present. Naming ceremony At a naming ceremony parents can celebrate the arrival of their new baby and invite family and friends to make promises of love, support and commitment to the baby. The ceremony is not legally binding. However, the registrar conducting the ceremony will give you a commemorative certificate. You can also use a naming ceremony as a special way to welcome children from a previous relationship or adopted children into their new family. Ceremonies are personalised to reflect your wishes and will be unique to your child and situation, making it a special day that will be remembered for many years to come.

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Choosing a venue You may choose to hold your ceremony at The Old Marylebone Town Hall or at any of the huge variety of approved venues in the City. Whilst a lot of the approved venues are featured in this brochure you can find the full list of approved venues on our website www.adaytoremember.london Please note that it is essential that you agree the date and time with the venue and ourselves before making any further arrangements such as giving legal notice of intention. You can check the availability of registrars to attend your venue on the booking portal on the website www.adaytoremember.london - click on ‘book now’.

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Setting the date

Once you have chosen a venue in Westminster and checked availability via the website you can make your booking on line. All bookings are subject to a non- refundable booking fee.

The fees for a ceremony at The Old Marylebone Town Hall and our other approved venues are listed on our website. At approved venues there will be a separate charge to hire the room and this is paid direct to the venue. Though we will never remove a booking from our diary unless you ask us to, your booking is deemed to be ‘provisional’ until you have both undergone the formal legal process of giving notice of intention to marry, and full payment for your ceremony has been received. Provisional bookings are made on a first-come first-served basis and we recommend that you make a provisional booking as early as possible. This is especially important if you wish to marry on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday. If after you have made a booking, an unforeseen problem arises forcing you to cancel the ceremony, or you wish to change the date, time or place of your booking, you must let us know as soon

as possible. Please see the terms and conditions at www.westminster.gov.uk/ ceremony-booking-terms-and-conditions You cannot have two legal ceremonies therefore it is not possible to have a marriage in England or Wales if you are already in a current legal marriage or civil partnership with one another, or someone else. This includes a marriage that took place abroad. For legal reasons if you plan to have a blessing or other form of ceremony it is advisable for it to take place after your civil

When you make your provisional booking we will ask for the following information:

• date, time and place of the intended marriage • name of each party • nationality of each party • address of each party and how long they have lived there • daytime telephone number for each party • email address for each party • marital status of each party • payment details for the non-refundable booking fee (please note that if the ceremony is in less than four months from the date of the booking, the full fee must be paid at the time of booking)

ceremony. If you have any queries in regards to this please contact the Register Office.

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Legal requirements before getting married or having a civil partnership ceremony

Giving notice A notice of marriage or civil partnership is valid for one year. We strongly advise that you give notice as soon as possible after making your provisional ceremony booking – this is particularly important if you have been through a divorce, civil partnership dissolution, or annulment of marriage in another country. In most cases, at the time of giving notice a copy of the legal document confirming your divorce or annulment (and an English translation, if the document is not already in English) must be sent by the registrar taking your notice, to the General Register Office (the governing body of all register offices in England and Wales). Your ceremony cannot take place until the General Register Office is satisfied that your divorce or annulment meets the necessary legal requirements for your ceremony to proceed. If your divorce was granted ‘outside the British Isles’ there is a fee for the registrar’s or Registrar General’s consideration of your divorce and this is payable at the time of giving notice. Please see our website for details of fees. Once the notices have been given you must then wait at least 29 days before the marriage or civil partnership can take place. If you do not give notice of marriage on the same day as each other, you must wait a minimum of 29 days after the second notice has been given. In some cases this may be extended to 71 days depending on your immigration status, so it is important to leave sufficient time. The notice is only valid for the venue you specify at the time of your notice appointment. If you decide to change the venue for your ceremony after you have given notice, you will need to give new notices and a further fee will be charged for this. You need to attend notice appointments at the register office in the borough or district in which you each reside – even if your ceremony is taking place with us here in Westminster and it is a legal requirement that both parties have established residency somewhere in England or Wales for a full seven days before attending your notice

appointments. The seven days doesn’t include any arrival dates or the date of the appointment. For example, if you arrive in the country on a Wednesday, then notice of intention to marry may be given the following Thursday. (The day you arrive i.e. the part- day Wednesday is not considered as part of the calculation of seven full days – day one actually commences on the Thursday – the first full day of residence). If one or both of you is not a relevant national, then you will need to give notice together, and if you live in different registration districts, then you can choose which register office to attend your appointment. A relevant national is someone who is either British, Irish, or has either pre-settled status or settled status. If either of you is not a relevant national there is a possibility that your notice could be submitted to the Home Office for approval, under the Home Office Referral and Investigation scheme (see www.gov.uk for further information). This may mean that the waiting period is extended from 29 to 71 days. You will each need to bring one passport sized photograph to your notice appointment, and an additional fee will be charged. You must be over the age of 18 to give notice of marriage or civil partnership. Documents to bring to your notice appointment Each partner must bring one document as proof of their identity and one proof of address from the list of acceptable documents below. Document checklist Proof of Identity • Current valid passport Proof of Address • Printed utility bill dated within the last three months • Printed bank statement dated within the last month • Most recent council tax bill for the current financial year • Current UK driving licence

• A letter from the property owner confirming residency

Proof of immigration status If either of you are non relevant nationals you will need to bring evidence of your immigration status with you to your appointment, for example, a visa stamp in your passport, a Biometric residence card, etc. If you have made an application through the EUSS settlement scheme and have either Settled Status, Pre-Settled Status, or are awaiting the outcome of a pending application, you will need to bring your sharecode with you to the appointment so that the registrar can verify your status. The code will need to be generated within 30 days of the appointment date. Other documents If you have been married or in a civil partnership before whether in the UK or abroad, you will also need to bring: • Original Decree Absolute/Final Divorce document • Death certificate of former spouse • Certified translation of any foreign

certificates/documents • Previous name changes Fee

You must pay the fee for giving notice (the current fee can be found on our website).


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Personalising your ceremony We have carefully created options for your ceremony wording, exclusive to Westminster. These can be selected from our website as is, or used as a template to write your own, unique script. Please see www.adaytoremember.london/ceremonies for all the choices of script. Who to include

Highlights You are free to really make your ceremony your own by including a paragraph or two about your relationship’s progression and the highlights so far. Sand/Stone ceremony If you like the thought of doing something a little bit different, take a look at our unconventional script where you will find we have included the option of a sand or stone ceremony (though you are very welcome to incorporate either into any of our scripts). These memorable ceremony enhancements also allow the opportunity to create a keepsake of the day, forged right there and then during your ceremony.

Readings You are welcome to add readings to your ceremony. This could be an extract from a book, quote or song lyric, or poem written especially for the day. However, please be aware that readings must be non-religious. Please contact us if you are unsure. Personal vows Whether romantic and earnest or humorous but heartfelt, if you would like the opportunity to say your own personal vows we’d be happy to incorporate these within your ceremony. Warming of the rings Why not incorporate the ancient tradition of asking each of your guests to momentarily hold your wedding rings whilst making a silent wish for your future? Acknowledgements You may have a particularly significant reason for making the decision to have a ceremony. Perhaps you have a special connection to the venue you have chosen or the date is especially meaningful. It may be you love the idea of sharing the reasons behind your reading and music choices. If so, we’ll be happy to make reference to this within your ceremony – just edit your ceremony wording to reflect this.

You are welcome to include your friends and family in your ceremony as much as you’d like. If you’d like to incorporate guest vows in your ceremony, or if you’d like your pets to take centre stage as guest of honour, we’d be happy to accommodate this. Ceremony start If you’ve always envisioned being ‘given away’ or like the idea of the two of you making your entrance into the ceremony room together, then just let us know. If a formal entrance isn’t your thing, then we’re happy to start proceedings as informally as you wish. The choice is yours. Music If you want to walk down the aisle to a special number, we’d be happy to include your music choices into the ceremony. There is also the option to play music whilst your guests wait for proceedings to begin, at the close of the ceremony and when you sign the marriage/civil partnership schedule. Please note music choices must be non-religious.

Non-binary ceremonies If you want a non-binary marriage

ceremony we will be happy to guide you on how to put a script together for the ceremony whilst ensuring that the legal formalities are complied with. The script can be as flexible as you like with the exception of the legal vows where under the Marriage Act 1949, you are making a verbal contract therefore must take each other as husband or wife. Please note that if you are having a civil partnership ceremony you can have a complete non-binary ceremony as the Civil Partnership Act 2004 does not have any gender specific wording and is a written contract.

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The Old Marylebone Town Hall

The design of the newly restored Old Marylebone Town Hall is a marriage of old and new, revolving around the sensitive refurbishment and enhancing of the original buildings, with the interior design heightening the celebratory atmosphere of the spaces. The seven marriage rooms of varying sizes follow the themes of silver, rose gold and gold – the precious metals associated with wedding rings. This is captured in the design through the mirrors, fabrics and also the light fittings that range from simple contemporary circular pendants, again a nod to the design of wedding rings, to more elaborate chandeliers. The faithful restoration of the building involved preserving as much as possible of its original fabric. The timber panels have

been restored to enhance the diamond motif in the grain of the wood. The floors throughout the spaces had been covered but now the parquet and oak strip flooring has been revealed and restored. On the marble staircase, the two skylights have now been uncovered and restored, allowing natural light to fill the space as the original design had intended. The exterior stonework, steps and portico have also been restored, transforming dirty stone into a luminous material, which complements the newly gilded inscription above the entrance. There are seven magnificent rooms to choose from at The Old Marylebone Town Hall. The Westminster Room – This is the largest room with seating for 100 people. It has beautiful wood panelling and

an impressive elaborate plasterwork ceiling. Plush carpet adds to the luxurious feel of the room. The Knightsbridge Room – With its panelled plaster walls and feature wall fireplace decorated in ‘De Nimes’ blue, to complement its rich velvet seating for 30 guests, along with the drama created by the light fittings, this room is perfect for more formal occasions.

The Knightsbridge Room


The Westminster Room


Paddington and Marylebone Rooms – adjoining the Westminster Room on each side, with wood panelling, carved wood fireplaces and elaborate plasterwork ceilings for intimate ceremonies of up to 8 or 12 people, respectively.

The Soho Room – This is a light-filled room with easy chairs and a plush velvet sofa in front of the beautiful intricately carved mantelpiece. Its dramatic chandelier reflects gold wedding rings. This room adds a relaxed feel to ceremonies for up to 13 people.

The Soho Room

The Paddington Room


Pimlico Room – This is a mirror image of the Soho Room but with a more formal seating arrangement for those who prefer a traditional feel. The panelled walls enhance the beauty of the fireplace and gold chandelier. This room is perfect for ceremonies of up to 20 people. The Mayfair Room reflects the warmth of rose gold and plush aubergine velvet in its décor with formal seating for 30 people. For a full 360 tour of each of the rooms, take a look at our virtual tour https://tour. totalview.uk/tour/westminster_town_hall/ fullscreen/

The Marylebone Room

The Pimlico Room

The Mayfair Room


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On the day

Your arrival at the Town Hall Please arrive with your witnesses and guests 30 minutes before the appointed time of the ceremony. There will be a member of our usher team waiting to greet you and your guests and show you to your chosen ceremony room so you don’t need to worry about where to go and how to find either the room or your registrars. Please be aware that arriving late could result in the postponement of your wedding to a later time or date so that other ceremonies taking place are not disrupted. Pre- ceremony interview There will be two registrars present at your ceremony – the registering registrar who will complete your legal record, and the conducting registrar who will deliver the ceremony. You and your partner will be interviewed in private by the registrar prior to your ceremony to confirm the details for your legal record and ensure they are correct and up to date. He or she will be pleased to answer any queries you may have regarding the ceremony and will make sure you are happy to proceed. If you would prefer to be seen separately for the pre-ceremony interview, we ask that one of you arrives 30 minutes before the start of your ceremony and the other 15 minutes

You are, of course, welcome to have live musicians present at the ceremony. String trios and quartets as well as harpists and keyboard players are all regular visitors to the Town Hall. However, we would be grateful if you could avoid having bag-pipers at your ceremony due to potential noise disruption for other ceremonies taking place. The ceremony

beforehand so your interviews can be held separately.

Once the formalities with the registrar have been completed, you can either choose to start the ceremony informally with your guests, or the conducting registrar can announce your entrance into the ceremony room either to a piece of music or simply a round of applause. Music You may wish to enhance your ceremony with the addition of music – but it is not compulsory. Each of the rooms at The Old Marylebone Town Hall has a Bluetooth speaker for playing music for your ceremony and we recommend you create a playlist on a smart device i.e. phone or tablet and choose a guest to play each track at the appropriate time. Before the ceremony starts one of the ushers or your registrar will show them how to connect to the speakers and will advise on the appropriate cues for each piece. We recommend you choose at least three of your favourite songs - for the entrance, signing of the schedule at the end of the ceremony and then your exit from the room. There is also the option to play some music whilst your guests wait for proceedings to begin.

Please see page 11 for details of how to choose your ceremony script and personalise it if you so wish. Witnesses

You will need two witnesses for your ceremony. They can be relatives, friends or colleagues who are able to speak and understand English, as they must be able to comprehend what is taking place and testify to what they have seen and heard. They must therefore remain present in the ceremony room for the duration of the ceremony. They will be required to sign your schedule at the end of the ceremony. They do not need to show ID or any other documentation to the registrar for this purpose.

Westminster City Council staff are not permitted to act as witnesses.

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After the ceremony As well as having photos taken during your ceremony, you are welcome to use other areas of the Town Hall, such as the corridor, and the landing, which are all good places for photos before that iconic shot on the front steps. Please be aware that you may not have long on the steps to avoid being in contact with other wedding parties who may be arriving for their ceremony.

Certificates Your marriage /civil partnership certificate(s) will be posted to you up to two weeks after your ceremony. One certificate is included in the fee paid at the time of booking (unless you have ordered and paid for additional certificates at the booking stage). It is not possible to order additional copies until after the ceremony has taken place. Please see www.westminster.gov.uk

You are very welcome to bring your own confetti which must be biodegradable - we cannot allow rice, metallic or plastic confetti in the interests of the environment. If you would like to purchase our in-house biodegradable confetti you can order it via our website www.westminster.gov.uk/pre- order-wedding-confetti. It will be ready for you on the day of the ceremony. You are also welcome to bring your own biodegradable confetti.

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Your ceremony at a Westminster approved venue Your registrars will arrive around 30 minutes before your ceremony is due to start and you will both need to be available before the ceremony begins to see the registrar to confirm the details for your legal record. If you would prefer to be seen separately, we ask that one of you is available to meet with the registrars 30 minutes before the start time of your ceremony and the other attend on the same day. We are unable to delay the start of your ceremony so that we do not risk being late for any other couple’s ceremony.

If you are late for your ceremony, we may not be able to proceed as planned, so to avoid any disappointment, please make sure that you have allowed enough time to get ready. No documentation needs to be provided on the day, unless previously requested by our team. Please read pages 11 & 18 for more information on how to personalise your ceremony and for details on when you will receive your marriage/civil partnership certificate and how to order extra copies after your ceremony has taken place.

is available to meet 15 minutes before. The venue staff should be able to help us coordinate that interview with you – for example, very often registrars interview brides in their hotel room whilst they are getting ready for the ceremony if it is taking place in the same venue – or there will be a room set aside especially for the interview. It is very important that you and your guests arrive in plenty of time; it is probable that the registrars will have other ceremonies to

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Asia House

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

This Grade II*-listed Georgian townhouse provides a beautiful backdrop for ceremonies and a touch of grandeur to receptions in its picturesque Fine Rooms, which feature carved marble fireplaces, high coffered ceilings and crystal chandeliers. With an exceptional central London location, in the heart of Marylebone, Asia House is located within walking distance of Regent’s Park and Oxford Circus. Licensed for civil ceremonies, the gloriously sunlit rooms happily hold services for up to 100 guests, which can be followed by post-ceremony drinks and canapés receptions or wedding breakfasts in their Fine Rooms. Alternatively, the venue offers three smaller but equally beautiful spaces: the Library, with its original book cases designed by Sir John Soane in 1784, and the Hutchison Room and Fine Room 3 which are perfect for more intimate ceremonies, receptions and dinners.

All rooms are extremely versatile, with strong architectural details that allow for the most elaborate of dressing for a flamboyant day, yet enough period features to require nothing but the simplest decoration for those with a taste for the understated. Asia House can be hired on an exclusive basis for ceremonies and receptions Mondays to Sundays. The dedicated team offers tailored services, using their experience and creativity to match your vision for the occasion. Asia House also works with some of the best London- based catering and event suppliers who will make your day just as you had imagined it to be. For more information or to view Asia House please contact: venue.hire@asiahouse.co.uk or call 020 7307 5454. Asia House, 63 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 7LP Web: www.asiahouse.org/venue-hire


(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) St. Ermin’s Hotel

Lavish settings, for the intimate or the grand.

Nestled in the heart of Westminster, the stunning Grade II-listed St. Ermin’s Hotel with its sweeping staircase and wide collection of inspirational spaces, offers a variety of options distinctly tailored to your individual style. From the dramatic Crystal Ballroom to the inspirational outside courtyard and terrace, St. Ermin’s presents the perfect backdrop for those cherished photographs. The hotel’s warm and attentive service ensures your special day is a memorable one, and their accomplished wedding team is on hand throughout the planning and the day itself, making sure your wedding is the one you have always dreamed of. St. Ermin’s can be hired for your full wedding day or reception only, with banqueting options to match their flexible and personal approach. The Head Chef will work with you to create a menu that reflects your dream wedding from a formal sit down dinner to a more relaxed afternoon tea and canapé style offering. The hotel’s stunning Bridal Suite sets the scene for a wonderful wedding night. The suite’s sumptuous soft furnishings, crisp linens, luxurious bath products and state-of-the-art amenities create the perfect atmosphere to unwind and relax. Your wedding guests can also feel as special as the happy couple, and spend the night in one of the hotel’s 331 comfortable rooms and suites.

St. Ermin’s Hotel, 2 Caxton Street, Westminster SW1H 0QW Tel: 020 7222 7888 Email: weddings@sterminshotel.co.uk Web: www.sterminshotel.co.uk


Maple Room

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) The Connaught

At the heart of one of London’s most revered hotels, The Connaught hosts weddings which are decidedly different to those elsewhere in London. Beautiful, individual rooms and exquisite food and drink are just the start, from spectacular dinners for ten to a romantic wedding breakfast for 200, The Connaught team of event planners know that a truly memorable celebration is about the smaller, more personal touches. On a quiet corner in Mayfair Village, moments from Farm Street Church, choose between beautifully-designed Maple and Mayfair rooms with a contemporary feel created by the combination of marble, wood and mirrors for an intimate civil ceremony with close friends and family. Your wedding journey includes menu tastings, a two month membership at Aman Spa, couples’ spa treatments before and after the wedding, and a complimentary stay in a suite. To discover more and begin planning your wedding or celebration at The Connaught, please contact their dedicated special events team by calling 020 7314 3411 or emailing events@the-connaught.co.uk.

The Savoy

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

With its rich and colourful history, The Savoy has hosted the most elegant parties and glittering events since opening in 1889. Today it remains the London wedding venue of choice for the most stylish and memorable occasions, combining timeless glamour with modern luxury. Your wedding day is one of the most important moments in your personal history; and The Savoy’s team of experts will take care of everything, ensuring that each detail is absolutely perfect. Let The Savoy become the impressive setting for a celebration that exceeds your expectations, as your dedicated wedding planner guides you from start to finish with a truly personal approach. From the ceremony to the reception, The Savoy creates unique, magical memories to last a lifetime. Discover London’s most iconic wedding venue, the only setting for the wedding of your dreams.

Contact The Savoy’s wedding team at SavoyWeddings@fairmont.com or on 020 7420 2305.

The Connaught, Carlos Place, Mayfair, London W1K 2AL

Find out more about weddings at The Savoy at www.thesavoylondon.com/savoy-weddings/



The Berkeley

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Set in Knightsbridge, one of London’s most exclusive locations, The Berkeley offers a beautiful and contemporary setting for the most exceptional occasions. Experts in delivering highly tailored, intuitive service, with a focus on creativity and individuality, The Berkeley’s bespoke wedding planners are adept in the art of celebration and ready to take care of each detail. Minimalist, contemporary spaces allow your own imagination to transform the Ballroom and Belgravia Room in to the setting you’ve been dreaming of and accommodate celebrations for 20 to 250 guests. To discover more and begin planning your wedding or celebration at The Berkeley, please contact the dedicated special events team by calling 020 7201 1385 or emailing weddings@the-berkeley.co.uk

Empress Eugenie Suite


(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Located in the heart of Mayfair, Claridge’s has long been one of London’s favourite places for grand celebrations; a legendary hotel which offers true distinction, quintessentially English elegance and unparalleled service. With an exclusive entrance and private reception, Claridge’s Ballroom with its original art deco style has been artfully restored and can welcome up to 240 guests for a seated celebration or 500 for a standing reception; The Ballroom connects with the Mirror Room which is perfect for late night dancing. For a more traditional feel, the Renaissance-style French Salon and 18th century Drawing Room beyond can be linked for a champagne reception followed by a decadent wedding breakfast or used individually. Each of these rooms boast intricate design detailing with original gold-gilded cornicing and floor to ceiling windows making them the ideal setting for a ceremony flooded with natural light. Beyond Claridge’s classic black and white marble corridor and up the elegant staircase lies a selection of beautifully designed private event rooms for a more intimate ceremony or celebration. To discover more and begin planning your wedding or celebration at Claridge’s, please contact their dedicated special events team by calling 020 7409 6500 or emailing weddings@claridges.co.uk.

The Berkeley, Wilton Place, Knightsbridge, London SW1X 7RL

Claridge’s, Brook Street, Mayfair, London W1K 4HR



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The Biltmore Mayfair (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Set in the heart of Mayfair on the prestigious Grosvenor Square, The Biltmore Mayfair offers an elegant, luxurious setting for your perfect day.

With three banqueting rooms and a Grand Ballroom to choose from, the Biltmore Mayfair is the ultimate venue for your wedding. The spaces present a bright and airy ambience with impeccable details and contemporary art providing a modern yet luxurious feel. With a dedicated foyer and private street level entrance, the stunning Grand Ballroom can host up to 600 guests for a cocktail reception and 240 for a dinner and dance. The delicious cuisine is of the finest quality and is sourced locally where possible. When combined with an extensive drinks and cocktail menu, you and your guests will have a wonderful day to remember. A dedicated special events team will be with you every step of the way to help you choose the perfect setting for your unique event and ensure your dreams become a reality.

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) Prince Philip House

Right in the heart of central London, Prince Philip House is the perfect setting for a quintessentially London wedding celebration.

The Grade I listed building designed in the 19th century sits on the exclusive Carlton House Terrace, which is part of the Crown Estate and boasts views of The Mall, St. James’s Park and The London Eye. Inside, a bright and contemporary interior with its stand-out feature, an original sweeping staircase that survived the Blitz, provides the ultimate backdrop for wedding photography. What’s more, the beautiful terrace over-looking the Mall and surrounding Waterloo Gardens can be additionally booked as an exclusive outdoor space for refreshments in the spring and summer months. This all year-round venue offers immaculately presented, versatile spaces, which accommodate up to 170 guests for a ceremony, 120 guests for a seated wedding breakfast or 250 standing. Should you book the House on a weekend or bank holiday, you can expect exclusive use of the entire building, including a bridal room, creating a completely bespoke experience and wonderful flow between the spaces.

44 Grosvenor Square, Mayfair, London W1K 2HP Tel: 020 7596 3122 Email: events.biltmore@biltmoremayfair.com Web: www.thebiltmoremayfair.com

Prince Philip House, 3 Carlton House Terrace, London SW1Y 5DG Tel: 020 7766 0625

Email: info@princephiliphouse.com Web: www.princephiliphouse.com

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Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) Steeped in history and perfectly positioned between London’s finest royal park and the fashionable boutiques of Knightsbridge, Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, London is home to a range of impressive event spaces and idyllic settings, cementing its position as London’s finest wedding location. The enchanting ballroom and adjoining spaces are decorated in a French classical design from the Louis XVI period. It boasts floor to ceiling windows, offering abundant natural daylight, a private garden terrace, 24-carat gilding and one of London’s only sprung dance floors. Alternatively, for a more intimate celebration, the Loggia is ideally suited for up to 50 guests. Award-winning cuisine, a creative floristry team, photo opportunities in Hyde Park, all combined with legendary Mandarin Oriental service will ensure a wedding day to remember. The couple commemorating their special day in the hotel’s Ballroom are invited to spend their wedding night in one of the hotel’s luxurious rooms. In addition, they will be offered the opportunity to either pre- empt or extend their celebrations in style, as Mandarin Oriental offers the option to lengthen their stay by another night. This can be enjoyed as a gift on the night preceding the wedding, or as part of their honeymoon in any of the Mandarin Oriental hotels globally.

For further information or to make a reservation please email the Events Team at molon-events@mohg.com or telephone 020 7235 2000.


Belgravia Room

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) The Lanesborough

The Lanesborough, just moments from Knightsbridge, Buckingham Palace and Hyde Park, is the very definition of the fairytale wedding venue, with dining, styling and service becoming of the flawless surroundings. Resplendent Regency interiors, lovingly restored by scores of artists and craftspeople under the direction of Alberto Pinto, offer settings for ceremonies and receptions that take your breath away, each one as romantic, individual and unforgettable as the next. Fully licensed to hold civil marriage and civil partnership ceremonies for up to 250 guests, the hotel can offer a choice of gorgeous private rooms, available individually or in combination, from the intimate St George’s Room with views of Wellington Arch, to the palatial, Murano mirror-lined Belgravia Room with views of Hyde Park or indeed the grand Regency dining room under glittering chandeliers and a domed glass ceiling. A buyout of the hotel and its 93 rooms and suites is also offered.

Conrad London St. James

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Surrounded by London’s iconic landmarks; St James’s Park, Buckingham Palace, and Westminster Abbey to name a few, Conrad London St. James really is in the heart of Westminster. The interior design marries contemporary elegance and British charm with hints of the location’s history beautifully blended in; from the lobby to its rooms and suites. Ayala’s 2021 Female Chef of the Year Sally Abé is at the helm of the hotel’s exclusive dining collection, bringing her Michelin-starred flair to the menus, notably to the Pem Restaurant with its private dining room, and The Orchard room, known for its stunning afternoon tea and glass roof. Licensed to host civil marriage ceremonies and receptions from 20 - 200 guests, Conrad London’s event team is dedicated to making your event one that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Host your celebration at Conrad London St. James to make it truly unforgettable.

Hyde Park Corner, London SW1X 7TA Tel: 020 7259 5599 Email: events@lanesborough.com Web: www.lanesborough.com

To arrange a tour and consultation, please get in touch: 020 3301 8080

Email: ConradLondon.events@ConradHotels.com Web: www.celebrateatconrad.london/weddings Conrad London St. James, 22-28 Broadway London SW1H 0BH


(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Set in the luxurious yet intimate atmosphere of a stunningly converted 19 th century church in the heart of Belgravia, Mosimann’s makes for an unforgettable day of celebration. Mosimann’s offers a collection of splendid private rooms, which are licensed for wedding ceremonies. Whether you are planning a small family gathering or a sumptuous celebration in the main dining room, your dedicated Event Planner will work with you to achieve your perfect Wedding Day. Mosimann’s Club, 11B West Halkin Street, London SW1X 8JL Tel: 020 7838 6330 Email: pdr@mosimann.com Web: www.mosimann.com


(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) The Groucho Club

Located on Dean Street in Soho, The Groucho Club is the original modern members club. The spaces are unique, flexible – and the keeper of many a secret. Make your vows in the Gennaro Room, which is licensed for wedding ceremonies, then head to the Dining Room where Mark Hix can build a bespoke offering for your special day. Or simply dance the night away

in the Soho Bar under the glittering lights of the legendary disco ball. Celebrate your next chapter somewhere iconic.

The Groucho Club, 45 Dean Street, London W1D 4QB Tel: 020 3840 9863 Email: privateevents@thegrouchoclub.com Web: www.thegrouchoclub.com


The Landmark London (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

At the luxurious Landmark London, no request is too big, and no detail too small, for your special day. The Landmark London can provide a selection of beautiful banqueting spaces that can cater from 15 - 430 guests, along with a variety of bespoke packages to begin your special journey. The hotel is home to must-experience drinking and dining destinations, including the renowned palm tree lined Winter Garden restaurant, housed in the breath-taking eight storey high glass roof atrium, ideal for a semi-private wedding breakfast, lunch or afternoon tea for up to 16 guests. To unwind, guests are invited to journey down to The Spa at The Landmark London, which includes a 15-metre chlorine-free swimming pool, perfect for pampering and relaxation before and after your special day. To embrace the celebratory spirit, The Landmark London additionally offers relaxing stays inclusive of champagne and breakfast so guests can begin their happily ever after in tranquillity and style. To make an enquiry, please contact: Tel: 020 7631 8271 Email: specialistweddings@thelandmark.co.uk The Landmark London, 222 Marylebone Road, London NW1 6JQ Web: www.landmarklondon.co.uk


The Lansdowne Club (Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Beautiful moments deserve beautiful backdrops. Located in the heart of Mayfair, The Lansdowne Club, one of London’s most exclusive private members’ clubs, is a spectacular setting for a fairy tale wedding. Steeped in history, with its impressive neoclassical architecture and elegant interiors, it is hard to imagine a more enchanting venue for an unforgettable day. Whether you imagine your wedding as intimate or grand, traditional or surprising, The Lansdowne Club is the perfect place to celebrate a new beginning. The epitome of grandeur, the stunning Grade II* listed Ballroom with its gilded vaulted ceilings can accommodate up to 190 guests for your wedding breakfast, whilst the club’s stylish array of boutique event spaces are perfectly suited to host smaller wedding celebrations.

9 Fitzmaurice Place, London W1J 5JD Tel: 020 7629 7200 Email: weddings@lansdowneclub.com Web: www.lansdowneclub.com

Paola De Paola Photography


No.11 Cavendish Square

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

This Grade II-listed Georgian townhouse in the heart of Marylebone provides a stylish setting to host your wedding. No.11 Cavendish Square can provide a selection of beautiful banqueting and ceremony suites, so whether you’re looking to hold your wedding breakfast, or plan to have the whole day in one place, the choice is yours. The building has been carefully restored to introduce contemporary interiors throughout, which adds a sense of modern elegance to the house without diminishing its historic charm. Whatever your style, there’s sure to be a room that will meet the needs of your big day. Highlights include the courtyard garden, complete with a ‘living wall’, the Burdett Suite that can accommodate 240 and the fully-flexible, light- filled Orangery, which makes a great space for wedding breakfasts of up to 144 guests.

Corrigan Collection Restaurants

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Whether intimate or extravagant, Corrigan Collection Restaurants are here to help true foodies design a gourmet celebration. Headed up by Michelin Starred Chef Patron Richard Corrigan, whatever day you’re dreaming of, our array of elegant spaces provide something for every wedding type, size and personality. For Champagne and Seafood lovers, choose Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill - an iconic listed building a stone’s throw from Piccadilly Circus. Expect a perfectly tailored menu of the highest quality produce, for up to 60 guests. At Corrigan’s Mayfair, dine on the finest seasonal ingredients with plenty of Truffle and Caviar to complete the celebration for up to 80 guests. Set in the heart of Mayfair, both venues are licensed for civil ceremonies, and their experienced team is on hand to ensure every detail of your big day runs perfectly.

No.11 Cavendish Square, 11–13 Cavendish Square, London W1G 0AN Tel: 020 7307 2474 Email: venue@11cavendishsq.com Web: www.11cavendishsq.com

To speak to their wedding planner, please email weddings@corrigancollection.com

Bentley’s Oyster Bar & Grill, 11-15 Swallow Street W1B 4DG. Tel: 020 7734 4756 Corrigan’s Mayfair, 28 Upper Grosvenor Street, London W1K 7EH. Tel: 020 7499 9943


(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) Ham Yard Hotel

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies) Haymarket Hotel

Situated in the heart of Soho and moments from Mayfair, Ham Yard Hotel is a beautiful contemporary venue featuring unique interiors designed by Kit Kemp, the hotel’s Founder and Creative Director, in her award-winning modern British style. The hotel has a wedding licence and a whole host of stylish spaces for a variety of wedding celebrations from small and intimate, to larger, more spectacular parties for up to 250 people. Ham Yard Hotel, One Ham Yard, London W1D 7DT Tel: 020 3642 2000 Email: hamyard@firmdale.com Web: www.firmdalehotels.com/hotels/london/ham-yard-hotel/

Fully licensed to hold civil ceremonies for up to 90 guests, the hotel offers four spectacular event spaces for wedding parties of up to 220 guests, including the elegant Shooting Gallery, a chic pool and bar area and the Rocklin and Nash rooms. Spend your wedding night in style in an individually designed guestroom, suite or Haymarket Hotel’s exclusive Townhouse. Haymarket Hotel, 1 Suffolk Place, London, SW1Y 4HX Tel: 020 7470 4000 Email: haymarket@firmdale.com Web: www.firmdalehotels.com/hotels/london/haymarket-hotel/

Charlotte Street Hotel

(Licensed for Civil Ceremonies)

Situated in London’s beautiful Bloomsbury and a moment’s walk from Soho Square, Charlotte Street Hotel is filled with character, colour and a very special art collection. The hotel holds a wedding licence and has several rooms which are perfect for a formal service for 30 people or a stylish reception of up to 60 people. Kit Kemp, the hotel’s Founder and Creative Director, has used a ‘Bloomsbury Group’ theme throughout the hotel which features original art from the period. Charlotte Street Hotel, 15-17 Charlotte Street, London, W1T 1RJ Tel: 020 7806 2000 Email: charlotte@firmdale.com Web: www.firmdalehotels.com/hotels/london/charlotte-street-hotel/



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