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December 2019

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My 5 Mentors The Results of Setting and Accomplishing Goals

businesses. Shaun is also a marketing genius and has plenty to say that will boost any business. I’m part of Shaun’s mastermind group, and I always learn a great deal whenever I travel out to Boise to attend his mastermind classes. Darren focuses a little more on self-improvement and is a fantastic inspiration when it comes to motivational time management. I make an effort to watch his five-minute videos at some point each day. In them, he talks about a variety of methods for becoming a better and more productive leader. I traveled to San Diego several years ago to attend his High Performance Forum for entrepreneurs. Kevin is a cognitive psychologist who works with football programs, helping coaches and teams, including Nick Saban and the University of Alabama. He has what’s called a Monday Morning Cup of Inspiration, which are five- minute audio clips that show up in my inbox every week. These audio clips are an inspirational way to get the week moving. Kevin is an extremely motivational guy with an intriguing cognitive psychological aspect to his content. Bishop Robert Barron is a Catholic Bishop of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles and the founder of the Catholic ministerial organization Word on Fire. I read his daily devotionals that show up in my inbox every morning and his books as well as listen to his podcast. The guy is a brilliant scholar of the Faith who I can listen to for hours. Through their lessons and motivating words, I have learned that creating goals for yourself is an important step in life, especially when you want to succeed in any respect. This time of year is when I take a look at what goals I want to accomplish personally, professionally, and spiritually. Instead of having one New Year’s resolution, I now break it down into smaller goals — a trick I learned from my five mentors.

Many people, including myself, are getting ready for the new year that’s just around the corner. We’re busy making preparations and setting goals for what we want to accomplish in 2020. Some people may even know or predict that, sadly, some of our New Year’s resolutions will fall through. Up until a few years ago, I thought very much the same. Every year, I would come up with a resolution only to forget about it until the start of a new year. However, these past three years, I’ve been taking my New Year’s resolutions much more seriously. Throughout my life, I’ve tried to be more of what some may call a “forever learner.” I spend most of my time in the car listening to books on Audible or educational CDs and studying legal marketing, business management, scaling business, personal improvement, and Christianity. These are five fundamental aspects of my life, and I’ve found five wonderful mentors who have made a huge impact on my life, and I owe a lot to them for helping me learn so much. Grant Cardone, Shaun Buck, Darren Hardy, Kevin Elko, and Bishop Robert Barron all aspire to become better people every day, and they encourage others to follow in their footsteps. Grant has many informative and inspiring videos and podcasts in which he discusses the importance of sales and marketing for


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I’ve been more focused this year when setting goals for myself than any other, and I’ve also been able to accomplish more than ever before. By breaking them up, I ensured that my goals were not only reasonable but also attainable. I set quarterly, monthly, weekly, and even daily goals to accomplish throughout 2019. It was immensely satisfying every time I achieved a small goal that benefited the larger goal I set for the year. For 2020, I plan to do even better than I did in 2019. I owe a lot to Grant, Shaun, Darren, Kevin, and Bishop Barron for inspiring me to pursue the goals I set for myself and for giving me the means to accomplish them. During this time when we are all thinking about setting goals, I encourage you to find something or someone who inspires you to set and achieve the goals you have for yourself.

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