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The Definition of SUMMER


Here’s aphotoof old faithful,myfirst grill, that I lovingly put together just beforemy oldest sonwas born! I have now foundon the internet instructions to rehab it! A summer task!

S ummertime has always been about food and grilling. When I was growing up, my parents had a cabin out in Oklahoma. It was really nothing more than a cinder block hut with a tar roof, but that was our go-to summer vacation destination. We’d go out there for Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and many weekends throughout the summer. I remember it was hotter than blazes out in Oklahoma during the summer, but we’d cool off by jumping in the lake, then listen to the Indy 500 on the radio while we grilled and shot off fireworks. That’s where I learned my way around the grill. I’ve always enjoyed grilling and cooking. Years ago, when I first got married, I put together my first Weber gas grill. It was a fantastic grill. I learned to do everything well on it. Tragically, time took its toll on my grill, rotting the wooden tables, rusting the burners, and causing the whole thing to deteriorate. A few years ago, I finally had to admit that I needed a new grill, so I got a nice, big Weber gas grill. I’ll tell you, “IN ANY EVENT, IT’S STILL A TREAT TO GO OUT THERE AND GRILL FOR THE FAMILY.”

I miss my oldWeber grill. I’d rather go with the simpler one. I knew how to cook on that oldWeber grill and not have the fires flare up all the time! In any event, it’s still a treat to go out there and grill for the family. Besides grilling, I also love breaking out the ice cream in the summer. When I was growing up, we made a lot of homemade ice cream. This was back in the days when you had to crank the ice cream churn by hand. It was a big improvement to get a motorized churn where you could drop rock salt in and let it go for a few hours. I have quite a sweet tooth, so while I’m not making ice cream myself as often these days, I won’t say no to Graeter’s mocha chocolate chunk ice cream. Summers today are different from the summers of my childhood. For one, we aren’t going out to that cinder block cabin anymore. Fortunately, I still get to enjoy nature when I’m out grilling. There are a bunch of trees near our home, so there’s plenty of wildlife around, including coyotes, deer, and frogs. There’s even a duck that loves to hang out in our pool, much to my wife’s dismay. Another thing that hasn’t changed is spending time with my family in the summer. Everyone will come to our house with a dish, and because we have a pool at our house, the grandkids can splash around in the water while we’re grilling. Chicken and burgers are crowd favorites, but our family’s go-to is bratwurst. The secret to a great brat is to keep the temperature low enough so it doesn’t burn. Brown it over low heat for 24 minutes, turning the brats every six minutes. The first bite of a perfectly cooked brat, when you’re outside surrounded by family, is the definition of summer.

–Jim Monast

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