Employment BDP Test

Business Development Plan: Employment Team for 2019/2020

1. Introduction – Current operations

1.1. Key Services Provided (including % split)

Individuals – approximately 30%.

Companies – approximately 70%.

1.2. Structure, People, Roles (including an organisation chart)

 Tracey Guest, Partner and Head of Employment (4 days/week)

 Sarah Calderwood, Partner (3.25 days/week)

 Helen Frankland, Associate Solicitor (3 days/week)

 Adele Shortman, Associate Solicitor (5 days/week), starting 13 May 2019.

Lucy Flynn, Solicitor (3 days/week)

Samantha Tanney (4 days/week)

 Hayley Constantini and Leah Walker (part-time secretaries, working as a job share)

 Daniel Wise, Associate Solicitor is in the litigation team, but does do some employment work in our city centre office. However, all his fees fall into litigation. NB Holidays carefully managed in order that we have sufficient cover given the part-time status of fee earners within the team. We are using Sarah Turner as a consultant as and when required to deal with holiday cover.

1.3. Profile of current client base (age, types, where they live, what they do)

 Individuals- North West/Manchester generally, although we do act for individuals based in the South. Ages generally 20 plus and predominately 30 plus.  Corporate- North West/Manchester generally, although we also act for clients based in London/Scotland etc.

1.4. Top Sources of Business 

Referrals from existing clients.

 Referrals from HR Consultants e.g. P3 People Management Limited.

 Individual referrals from personal contacts of the lawyers in the team.

Conflict referrals from other legal firms.

Referrals from colleagues.

 Court of Protection work and corporate deals generate employment work.

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