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July 2019

The Best Gift We Could Ask For Celebrating the Birth of My Amazing Daughter, Callie

July is an important month for our country, but it’s equally as important for my family because it marks the birth of one of the very special people in my life: my daughter, Callie. You might remember reading about our miracle baby during the February edition of my newsletter, but here’s a recap just in case. Missy and I had been married for 10 years before Callie came along. In all the time I’d known Missy, she always said God called her to be a wife and mother, so, for an entire decade, we tried every avenue we could to bring a baby into this world. After several medical specialists told us we would never be able to conceive a child, we started looking at adoption. But we still never gave up hope. We knew that God would not put this desire in Missy’s heart without fulfilling it, and we knew that anything is possible with God. Even though our faith never wavered, the day Missy gave me a bib saying, “I heart my daddy, ” I didn’t believe it. In fact, I initially thought the bib was a gift for my brother who was also expecting until Missy convinced me to take a second look at the bib that had my

name written on it, causing me to exclaim, “How did that happen!”

I truly believe that every baby is a miracle, but, to us, Callie is so much more. It’s been the best joy of my life getting to stand next to Missy and watch our daughter blossom into the young woman she is today. This month, on July 9, Callie will be turning 15, so between the hours she’ll spend behind the wheel learning to drive and hanging out with her friends, (yes, even some boys), I’m looking at a year filled with all the things that turn a dad’s hair gray! Every time I tell her she can’t date until she is 45, she rolls her eyes at me ... I can’t figure out why. extremely independent, determined, and kind individual. I know none of that will change as she continues her journey through her teenage years. Even as a teenager, Callie already has so many great characteristics. For example, she’s demonstrated her perseverance through the number of hours she has dedicated to her swim team and earning her first-degree black belt in karate. Even when she suffered injuries and growing pains, she continued to stick with it. Now she is working toward her second-degree black belt. Callie is also an astounding scholar. On top of lettering in swimming as a mere ninth-grader, she also earned the Academic Athlete Award as the student athlete with one of the highest GPAs on the team. I like to think her academic excellence grew out of her love for writing and reading (“Star Wars,” in particular, just like her dear old dad)! If all that isn’t enough, Callie also has a heart for God and a heart of gold. It is a joy to watch Callie pursue the work of God with passion, always growing in her relationship to God, which translates to her heart of gold. With Callie, I know I won’t have too much to worry about. She has always been an

Even as a little girl, Callie went out of her way to befriend anybody she could, and she has a particular fondness for kids with special needs. I can’t remember a time when she didn’t go out of her way to make sure everyone around her felt welcomed and appreciated. While Callie has already accomplished so much, I can’t wait to see where her life takes her. Since she was old enough to understand, I’ve always told her to remember a few things: 1) You can do anything you want to do; 2) Only God loves you more than your mom and I do, and (3) You are good for Dad’s heart. I can only hope that as she continues through high school, college, her career, her marriage, and then raising her own family, she never forgets those things, especially the last one.

Happy Birthday, Callie!

I love You,


-J. Kevin Tharpe | 1

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