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When a recent client — let’s call him Kyle — hurt his back and shoulder working on the line at the Honda factory, he probably didn’t think about how his injury might affect his son’s birthday party. But months down the road, he agonized over whether he’d have to cancel the big plans. Although his workers’comp claim had been accepted, his compensation payment was delayed. So right up until days before the celebration, he worried and worried, bracing to deliver the bad news to his kiddo. Luckily, something gave way, and Kyle received the money just in time. Workers’compensation stories like Kyle’s are common. Parenting can be a thankless job in the best of times, but when things get tough due to illness or injury, it can feel even more difficult to support those depending on you. That’s why, with Father’s Day coming up on the 16th, I’d like to shout out those dads out there who work hard post- injury to keep their families afloat along with those who stand by to support them. It’s always an honor to help these folks find some stability in a trying time. Too often, workers’compensation is stigmatized as some kind of handout to enable the lazy to avoid making an honest living. In reality, the vast majority of workers’compensation cases involve people seeking honest compensation for legitimate injuries. Just the other day, we got a call from a new client, an injured, out-of-work dad, who was “... I’d like to shout out those dads out there who work hard post-injury to keep their families afloat along with those who stand by to support them.”

ecstatic to report we’d helped him get a little money before the birth of his first child. An injured, out- of-work dad securing basic funds to cover living expenses for his newborn should not be accused of laziness or gaming the system. It’s difficult to watch people navigate through these trying situations, but workers’compensation

supports the indomitable human spirit and families who rally around those who are hurt. Workers’compensation can assist a dad’s grown children as they support him

financially after a work-related injury. An entire small-town community may rally to raise the spirits of a beloved local family man, but workers’comp can help ease his debilitating financial burdens. If you have an injured dad in your life, take a moment this Father’s Day to reach out and listen. Even if it’s only a phone call, your time and attention can mean the world to a dad struggling with chronic pain and financial instability. And if you know someone is struggling to receive the compensation they deserve, give our office a call, and we’d be glad to help.

–Jim Monast

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