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In the old days, when your back was hurting, your doctor told you to rest until it felt better. However a lot has been learned about proper treatment for back pain since those days, and gone are the days of prolonged bed rest. New studies show that proper movements, posture and a gradual return to activities, has been found to be much more successful to control back pain. This allows you faster pain relief and a return to normal pain-free activities. Bed restand inactivityhavebeenshown toweakenmusclesandbones.Whereas exercise in general, increases strength and flexibility of the muscles, aiding in healing through increased blood flow to the affected area. It has also been found that exercise and aerobic activity, like walking, assists in bringing nutrients to structures in the spine. Some of these structures, like the discs between your vertebrae, have a poor blood supply and rely on your body’s movements and aerobic activity to circulate nutrients. When a person is inactive, less of these nutrients are able to get to the structures in the spine to keep them healthy. In our SPINE program we look at your individual health history, as well as your current mobility level and interests. Based on this, our physical therapists put together an individualized exercise program specifically for you. They will help guide you back into your previous activity level without pain. In addition to exercise, physical therapy utilizes a variety of gentle modalities such as ultrasound, electric stimulation, massage and heat or cold therapy to help relieve muscular spasms. Our program will first relieve your pain and then provide exercises to restore your strength and instruct you in how to prevent your symptoms from recurring.

Patient Success Spotlight

“Before I came to Activa, I had trouble sleeping at night on my sides. My pain management doctor had done a nerve ablation on my right and then left facet joints, but the pain got worse. So he sent me to Activa Physical Therapy. Even though it was a slight drive, I was done fooling around with just any PT place. I wanted the best I told my pain doctor. Samir worked with me to do exercises I could do and we slowly over the weeks, worked I can do more than I could do before!

on different exercises and stretches to help my hips and lower back. As of today I have finished PT and can do more than I could before. I can sleep peacefully and walk around without looking like I’m 90 years old. I have had PT more times than I can count and this time I actually feel it helped. The staff is wonderful and very friendly as well.” – Debbi M.

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