ROC Physical Therapy - July 2020

JULY 2020



It’s been a crazy few months full of hardship, uncertainty, and lots of changes for everyone. ROC has been fortunate to remain open during this pandemic, and our steadfast goal to be there for people when they need us the most has remained the same. The only thing that has started to change is the perspective we’ve gained along the way. When COVID-19 first hit, no one had any idea how bad things might get. For me, the first real sign of trouble was when we were told hospitals and other medical facilities were no longer safe to visit because the risk of contraction was so high. That’s when our own mission became clear: to keep our doors open so that people didn’t need to visit hospitals and put themselves at risk. We wanted to be there for new patients and also make sure our current patients didn’t fall behind with their rehabilitation. It wasn’t without its challenges, and it still isn’t. Our office has been a little less busy than usual, but that means we’ve gotten to know the people we continue to see even better than before. We’ve not only been able to provide the physical therapy they need but also relieve some of the isolation of quarantine. We’ll keep our expertise in physical therapy, but sometimes, this job winds its way into other types of therapy too, and we’re glad we can be there for people when they need us. We'd never realized how much human interaction meant to us until we were stripped of it. That’s been a big topic of conversation lately, and the word that always seems to work its way into those conversations is “freedom.” As Americans, we’re so used to having so many freedoms: We can go to a restaurant and eat, we can play at the park or the beach, and we can go to the mall and spend money whenever we want. We have a lot of freedom to do what pleases us, and it’s a big part of what makes living in this country great. Now, COVID-19 has essentially taken those freedoms from us, and it’s hitting people hard.

important that thing is. How much do you miss eating at restaurants? How much do you miss going to the mall? How much do you miss worshipping at church? And above all, how much do you miss the people you do those activities with? Being stripped of these freedoms is hard, but we can choose to look at it as something incredibly valuable. We can look at it as a chance to gain a new perspective. In my family, we're using this new perspective to cherish the things that haven’t been completely stripped from us. We’ve been reveling in time spent together like never before and finding innovative ways to reach out to loved ones we can’t see in person. We’ve all been paying more attention to our health and well-being, and many people are exploring passions and hobbies they otherwise couldn’t. This is an incredible opportunity to determine what you appreciate the most in your life and find a way to seize it. The glass really can be half-full, even in the hardest of times. There’s a lot of negativity in the world right now, but if you choose to focus on the positives, learn, grow, and value the good in your life, it’s entirely possible to emerge on the other side of this as a better person. And that’s something we can all strive for. –Matt Smith

But there’s something to be gained here. When something is taken away from you, you start to realize how truly

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