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insurance. The unavailability of title insurance is not grounds for re-conveyance to the Treasurer. Purchaser may incur legal costs for a quiet title action to satisfy the requirements of title insurance companies in order to obtain title insurance. These legal costs are solely the responsibility of the purchaser.

Some parcels available for auction may be subject to a Decl aration of Restrictive Covenant (“DRC”). The DRC will contain as a condition of the sale the Buyer agrees and hereby affirms and declares that:

A.) the Property shall not be at any time a rental property that is subject to regulation under the Codified Ordinances of the applicable local unit of government, as amended from time to time, B.) this restriction is an encumbrance on the property, runs with the Property, and is binding upon the owner and the owner's heirs, successors, assigns, and transferees, C.) this restriction is given and declared for the benefit of the owner, the property, the community in which the property is located, and the Treasurer, and the Treasurer has the right to enforce the restriction at law or in equity to prevent a breach of the restriction or to compel compliance with the restriction, D.) during its term, this restriction may not be amended or terminated unless it is done so in a written instrument that is signed by both the owner and the Eaton County Treasurer and recorded in the real estate records maintained by the Eaton County Register of Deeds, E.) this restriction will terminate immediately and automatically five (5) years after its date unless, within the last one (1) years of the restriction, the restriction is extended for an additional period of up to five (5) years by a written instrument that is signed by the authority and recorded in the real estate records maintained by the Eaton County Register of Deeds, and

F.) the rights of the Treasurer under this declaration may be exercised by the Treasurer and the Treasurer’s successors and assigns.


ECT09082017 (REV. 06-16-2023)

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