AdvantageRehabInc: How To Solve Daily Aches & Pains

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We touch on personal care many times in our writing because it is such a high priority for us. It is so hard to put this into words sometimes. We really do treat you like we would like to be treated at ANY place of business. Really our patients

problem in my mid-back. It left me completely immobile for two days. My doctor was pleased with the patient results at ARI and felt the staff were very knowledgeable. Once I began PT, I saw continued improvement throughout the 3 weeks that I saw Mike and Ashley. I truly felt that the staff had my best interests at heart and did their best to get me back to 100 percent as quickly as possible. I especially appreciated the ease of getting appointments that worked with my schedule as well as the fast “in and out” that their facility allows.” - T.B. “Mike and Ashley are both highly skilled and experienced in what they do. They offer a high quality of care in a compassionate manner. They provide recommendations and guidance on various ways to help mobility and pain. They maintain good communication with the medical provider as well so that they are in the loop. They really go above and beyond to help. I would highly recommend their team to anyone needing PT.” - Laurie


say it best for us: “I came to Advantage Rehab in excruciating pain. The care I am receiving has been amazing. Through careful questioning, and even more importantly, actually listening to my answers, Mike and Ashley were able to pinpoint the cause of the pain and begin to work on minimizing it. The care they give is individualized and patients are not given a “one size fits all” therapy experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough!” - L.B. “I was first referred to Advantage Rehab after suffering from an unexplained acute muscle

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