Scrutton Bland Agriculture Update


Do you wish you could mitigate the risk of loss and damage from thieves and vandals, livestock and crop disease, cybercriminals and unleashed dogs? How much money could you save with a 10% discount on your insurance premiums?

NFC Group’s Farm and Livestock Security and Herd Management Solutions monitor your farm site and assets: equipment, outbuildings, crops, fuel and livestock, in real time over our secure Orion Data Network. You can detect livestock and crop disease early, track and recover lost and stolen equipment and secure your rural business, home and workers.

10% OFF YOUR FARM INSURANCE PREMIUMS NFC Group has partnered with ActiveWatch and Insurance Brokers, Scrutton Bland, to offer you a 10% discount on your annual farm insurance premiums. To get your 10% discount all you need to do is purchase our ActiveHerd™ boluses to monitor your cattle, or our Orion asset security, tracking and recovery solutions to protect your farm assets, workers and land.

The Orion Data Network is a system of active Radio Frequency Identification and GPS technologies combined with tags, gateways and IoT-enabled sensors. The covert, weatherproof tags attach to vehicles, equipment, gates, fencing and walls, with specially designed collars and boluses for livestock. The gateway plugs into your farmhouse for network coverage of 10km, giving you real-time data feedback and instant alerts on the status of your entire farm. For many farms this 10% insurance discount provides sufficient savings to cover the cost of your Orion solutions. So, you could get a state of the art security and livestock management solution at no additional cost to your rural business.




Combat Rural Crime Protect Your Assets & Personnel Recover Stolen Assets

Early Disease Detection & Prevention Lower Mortality Rates Achieve Daily Liveweight Gain Targets Protect Crops, Fertiliser & Fuel in Storage Secure Farm Perimeter & Buildings

Rural crime in the UK is currently costing farmers £39.2 million per annum, while the recovery rate for stolen agricultural assets is only 9%. With Orion you can monitor the location and status of your assets 24/7 for security, predictive maintenance and increased productivity. If any of your equipment is stolen, our hand-held readers use beacon mode to track the asset’s exact location, for fast recovery and increasing the opportunity for arrest and conviction.

41,107 cows were slaughtered in England, Scotland and Wales just from tuberculosis related illness from August 2016-July 2017 and millions of poultry, sheep and pigs die each year from preventable disease, fire and flooding. With our ActiveHerd™ boluses you can monitor bovine temperature changes to detect diseases like BVD and TB, in individual cows, before they show outward signs, to prevent infection spreading to the whole herd. You can also monitor feed quality and stress factors like overheating, housing density and barrier feed-point overcrowding. IoT-enabled temperature, fire and flood detection sensors can prevent poultry death from disease and natural disaster. Contact NFC Group on 01425 485 263 today. email:

Save 10% on your annual farm insurance premium and secure the health and safety of livestock assets and property.

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