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Dear Valued Client,

complete and quick as possible. The outcome of your joint replacement surgery is also dependent on you. A committed attitude and willingness to work hard makes all the difference in your overall result. Know that we will be with you every step of the way, to guide you on how to move and strengthen your body. We train you how to get back to doing normal, everyday tasks with ease. Our therapists have years of training in helping patients like you, recover quickly and completely after surgery. Strength, range of motion, walking, and functional tasks are all worked on to ensure an optimum recovery. Following your doctor’s protocols, you are in good hands with our compassionate and dedicated staff. Trust us with your post-surgical care to help you obtain the best results and outcomes from your surgery. It is our goal at Farmingdale Physical Therapy West to empower you and improve your quality of life. Call us today to learn more about a fast recovery with our joint replacement rehabilitation program!

Tens of thousands of patients a year undergo joint replacement surgery. Typically, this is done because of severe pain, limited movement, difficulty with walking, and sometimes after an accident or injury. Whether you had a knee, hip or even shoulder replacement, a good successful outcome depends on the physical therapy done after the surgery.


After a joint replacement surgery, focusing on relieving pain and restoring motion is key. Also, the interaction with the right physical therapist and someone who truly listens to you makes the difference in the quality and speed of your recovery. That is why many patients come to Farmingdale Physical Therapy West for rehabilitation as their premier choice. We help you decrease pain and swelling after surgery, and then mobilize your operated limb through more advanced motions, walking, and personalized programs to ensure a long-term recovery. Just know that we work closely with you and your doctor to make your recovery as

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