Biola Broadcaster - 1953-03

VOL. 1, NO. l

MARCH, 1953


With the emphasis on presenting to the listener new program features, The Bible Institute Hour had as its recent guest Mr. Haldor Lillenas, composer of such well-known gospel favorites as "Count Me", "It is Glory Just to Walk With Him", "Jesus Has Lifted Me", and probably the one most widely known of all, "Won– derful Grace of Jesus", to name but a few. While being interviewed on The Bible Institute Hour, Mr. Lillenas told Mr. Al Sanders, Radio Director, that the BIOLA broadcasts have long been his favorite. Mrs. Lillenas was also introduced to the student body in the recent appearance. Other well-known composers will be heard from· time to time in future broadcasts. ••...•••••..............•..•....•••••.....•..•........ Look lor in this issue ••• • THE GOSPEL ON TELEVISION • BEWND THE MICROPHONE • CHORUS OF THE MONTH • NUGGETS OF GOLD .....•.......•.•••••.•.•••••••.••.••.......•••........

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