Eaton County 2nd Sale w/ photos

SPECIAL ASSESSMENTS AND CONDOMINIUM FEES All bidders should contact the county, city, township, or village office to determine if there are any special assessments for future tax years on the properties offered. They should also check for other assessments, which may include but are not limited to the Eaton County Drain Commissioner, Road Commission. or other local government assessments such as weed cutting, sewer, debris removal, demolitions, and recorded non-exempt liens . Buyers of condominium property are responsible for any and all condominium association dues, fees or costs assessed to the property on or after July 21, 2023. For some parcels offered for sale there may exist a demolition order or a Department of Environmental Quality (“DEQ”) lien. Prior to closing the sale of these properties, the buyer must agree to the following:

A.) to the extent demolition or contamination removal has been completed, reimbursement to the county must be made for the cost of the demolition or contamination removal, or B.) to the extent that the demolition or contamination removal is not complete, there must be proof satisfactory to the Treasurer of the buyers ability to satisfy the Treasurer’s obligations via payment of a performance bond. C.) to the extent that a DEQ lien exists on the property there must be proof satisfactory to the Treasurer of the buyers ability to satisfy the lien.

If the parcel offered for sale is a “facility” as defined under section 20101(9)(o) of the NREPA, after the sale and prior to the transfer of the property under this section, the property is subject to all of the following:

A.) Upon reasonable written notice from the DEQ, the Treasurer shall provide access to the DEQ, its employees, contractors, and any other person expressly authorized by the DEQ to conduct response activities at the foreclosed property. Reasonable written notice under this subdivision may include, but not be limited to, notice by electronic mail or facsimile. B.) If requested by the DEQ to protect public health, safety, and welfare or the environment, the Treasurer shall grant an easement for access to conduct response activities on the foreclosed property under Chapter 7 of the NREPA.

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