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Visual Impact // Larger flags for a "wow" factor Maneuverability // Smaller flags for spins & tosses Choose:

Pole size is important to keep your flags looking proportional on the field. The longer the pole, the larger your flag can be!

While you are free to utilize any flag dimensions you wish on any custom flag, the following guidelines will help ensure your group maximizes the effectiveness of your flags on the field or floor: 5' pole – 30" × 46" 5½' pole – 33" × 50" 6' pole – 36" × 54" 7' pole – 42" × 60" The number on the left is the header length (sleeve), and the number on the right measures the width of the flag to its furthest point out, including 3" for the width of the header. Your design will be scaled to these measurements, unless otherwise specified. *Please note: All flag sizes are approximate and may vary. Custom sizes are available upon request.

7' pole 42" × 60" flag

6' pole 36" × 54" flag

5 ½ ' pole 33" × 50" flag

5' pole 30" × 46" flag

STANDARD SHAPES Standard Shape // Tried & true Custom Shape // Freedom to explore Choose:

Choose one of the shapes shown or create one of your own! We can build a custom flag to fit any show or budget.

GOING CUSTOM IS EASY! Select from any of the designs featured throughout our catalog, on our website at , or send us your ideas. With our free design service, including full color sketches and free fabric swatches, you can see what your flag will look like before you buy.





Call our Sales Team at 800.457.3501 to get started!

Curve #1

Curve #2





Hook & Loop // An industry standard, easy on/off Tab Fastener // Tapes to pole, personal preference Choose:

Whether you choose to use Hook & Loop Fasteners, or Tab Fasteners, remember to secure flags with tape to avoid accidents.

Band Shoppe sews the soft side (loop side) into the headers of every flag. The hook side is shipped with the poles or you can purchase hook side strips separately on page 214. Tab fasteners are a per request option on custom flags. Don't forget the tape! Check ou our full collection of pole and rifle tapes on pages 224-225, including our popular Ultra Prop Film (64340).



SECTION CONTENTS In Stock Printed Flags 174-181 StylePlus® Genesis Flags 182-183 In Stock Specialty Flags 184-185 Custom Printed Flags 184-185 In Stock Show Flags 186-197 In Stock Budget Flags 198-201 Custom Spirit & Battle Flags 202-203 Custom Hybrid Flags 204-205 Custom Sewn Flags 206-210 Custom Swing Flags & Wings 211-212 Poles, Bags, & Accessories 213-215


Our flag fabric swatch book is free — call today to get yours.

Call now or go online to request our flag fabric swatch book. Band Shoppe has assembled the world's greatest selection of fabrics and colors that make it possible to bring your vision to life. Other swatches are available upon request.




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