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Spring and Awe in Arkansas

Each year, I feel really blessed to witness the spectacle of spring in Arkansas. The skeletal, bare trees begin to light up with shimmering leaves, stubby bushes grow and burst into hundreds of different shades, and flowers reach up to greet the clear rays of sunshine suddenly peeking out from behind the dreary winter clouds. In the midst of Easter season, everywhere you look, you’ll see dead or dormant things exploding back to life. Every time I step outside during this incredible time, I’m moved and almost overwhelmed by the beauty of God’s creation. This season is a constant reminder that the gorgeous complexity of the natural world is far beyond anything we could ever come up with on our own. Back when I was growing up in Iowa and spring was planting season, this point was even more tangible to me. To enjoy the woods and the crops and the verdant foliage sweeping the landscape, we don’t have to do much. Even on those Iowa farms, all it took was a few seeds planted by a farmer and a little maintenance, and God took care of the rest. It’s

Easter traditions is to attend an outdoors sunrise service whenever possible. There’s almost nothing more inspiring than watching the sun peek out over the horizon during one of the most meaningful church services of the year.

a reflection of Easter itself, and it’s astounding that we can form a relationship with our creator with such little effort. It’s all just so interconnected and self- sustaining. The trees go dormant in the cold,

burst into life with the first warmth of spring, drop their acorns, and the whole cycle begins again. We don’t have to do anything for nature to thrive. For the entire

To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under the heaven.”

In Ecclesiastes 3, King Solomon said, “To every thing there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven.” To me, spring is the time to heal, plant, build, love, live, laugh, and be reborn. It’s a time of grace-inspired optimism, when the natural gifts of this world are laid out for everyone to see, without any merit of our own. It reminds me that, in many ways, God gives us our own personal Easter each and every day — a chance to take off our old selves and start anew.

season of spring, I chase that sense of awe I get when I consider the beauty and enormity of the natural world. As the temperatures climb, I absolutely love getting out in the woods, running the trails by myself, or riding the trails with my wife. From the top of a tall hill, body charged with post-exercise endorphins, the view really puts everything into perspective for me. Of course, one of my favorite days in spring is Easter Sunday. Though I was never one for the Easter Bunny or hiding eggs, one of my favorite

–Brad Johnson

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