GA Injury Advocates - November 2019

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November 2019

Spotlight on Nancy Rodas FIRST IMPRESSIONS

Y ou only have one chance to make a good first impression. For this reason, I always aim to put my best foot forward in both my personal and professional life. This is a mindset I strive to cultivate at the practice too. When people reach out, looking for help after an accident, I want them to know right away we’re a firm they can trust. That’s why I put great care into finding our intake specialist, Nancy Rodas. Nancy is the first person most clients come in contact with when they call the office or stop by. She provides a unique and welcoming atmosphere we just couldn’t do without. Nancy always puts our clients first, so this month, I wanted to make sure she knows how grateful we are for her. –Ramiro Rodriguez, Jr. It’s a big responsibility to be the first voice people hear when they call the firm. When people call us, it’s usually because they really need help. They’ve gotten in an accident and are struggling with injuries or insurance companies. It’s my job to make sure everyone is getting the information they need to feel confident about their case. When someone calls or comes into the office, I’m always ready to take messages, get the answers to their questions, and help in any

“I really enjoy talking to our clients. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping them through a trying time.”

Outside of the firm, I like to spend time with my friends or read, though mostly the latter. I’m a pretty big bookworm. I was in a reading club in elementary school, and I never stopped. I love reading science fiction, mysteries, nonfiction, romance — anything, really! If a book can sweep me away and take me to another world, I’ll probably love it. Any avid reader can tell you it’s impossible to pick your favorite book, but one I’m really fond of is “See Me” by Nicholas Sparks. If you recognize the author’s name, then you won’t be surprised to hear that “See Me” is a mystery-romance novel. It’s about two people who meet each other in dark times and help one another grow and overcome their obstacles. This is a great story that really shows what we can do when we have people we can rely on to help us get through those dark times. I’m proud to help our clients get through their own dark times. When clients have questions or concerns regarding their case, I encourage them to call us right away. Our firm’s mission is to be someone you can rely on. We’re here to answer questions and do whatever it takes to help our clients when they need us.

way I can. I really enjoy talking to our clients. It makes me feel good knowing that I’m helping them through a trying time. Like many of our clients, I was in an automobile accident myself. It was a stressful, overwhelming experience. I relate to what our clients are going through, and I want to help get them on the other side of it as soon as possible.

– Nancy Rodas

El Abogado Ramiro (El Abogado Amigo) y su equipo hablan español


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