Jason Schermer November 2018


November 2018


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What Makes Thanksgiving Great

Does your Thanksgiving involve a lot of travel plans? When I was a kid, it wasn’t Thanksgiving without a road trip. My family spent our Thanksgivings at one of my grandparents’ houses. Since both sets of grandparents lived on the opposite end of the state from us, we would have to drive six hours in order to see either of them for Thanksgiving. I loved my grandparents, so I didn’t mind the long drive, but I do appreciate not having to travel so much these days. As an adult, my family has scattered. The family members we used to celebrate Thanksgiving and other holidays with are now all over the country. It makes it harder to get everyone together. It seems like it’s easier for all the pieces of my side of the family to get together at different times throughout the year. Mostly those times are centered around either my grandma or parents. Now, Thanksgiving in our house involves having Michelle’s family over for dinner. The house is always decorated for fall. The kids are excited to be off from school and sleeping in — and watching the parade on TV. Now that doesn’t mean that we do everything. Far from it. Everyone has their special dishes that they bring. For our kids, it’s not Thanksgiving until the sweet potato casserole arrives! For me, it’s green bean casserole with canned green beans and French-fried onions. After dinner, it’s a little

bit of football and then a group heads off for some shopping. They usually don’t come home with a lot of stuff, since this is less about shopping and more a time for multigenerational bonding. Seeing the kids get excited about this part is really neat to me. Appreciating those around you is the most important part of Thanksgiving. There’s a feeling on Thanksgiving that you don’t get the rest of the year. The December holidays are great, but there’s nothing like looking at old hand-turkey drawings or hearing your kids still get excited to watch the parade on TV. Thanksgiving is a reminder to step back and reflect on how much you value the people in your life. Whether it’s at the dinner table, while Black Friday shopping, or even just driving the kids to and from practice, if you appreciate the moment, then it’s quality time. These moments are wonderful and they are very easy to take for granted, but you’ll always miss them when they’re gone. whole team can enjoy a long weekend with their loved ones. I don’t want anyone thinking about how they have to go back to work on Friday when they should be enjoying Thanksgiving dinner. We work really hard every day, and it’s nice to close down for a couple of days to let everyone spend time with their families. This family time is so precious that I don’t hesitate to shut the office down so my

When I sit down for Thanksgiving dinner this year, I will have a lot to be thankful for. I’m thankful that my family is in good health. I’m thankful for the team I work with and for the patients I get to help every day. I’m thankful the Browns got their first win! Above all else, I am thankful that I have so many things to be thankful for. It’s nice to pause and realize all the good things and the good people in your life. I want to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving. I hope you have the chance to enjoy those valuable moments with your loved ones, too. The December holidays are great, but there’s nothing like looking at old hand-turkey drawings or hearing your kids still get excited to watch the parade on TV.

–-Jason A. Schermer


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