Bulletin - June 2016 - Issue No. 498


June 2016

No. 498

BOARD SUMMARY AND ACTIONS On April 23, 2016, The Sea Ranch Association Board of Directors completed an Agenda that included three items of new business and two items of unfinished business. The Agenda packet for this meeting can be viewed on the Association website at: http://www.tsra.org/news.php?viewStory=2447, and the audio file is available at: http://www.tsra.org/news.php?viewStory=721. ANNOUNCEMENTS Board Chair Nybakken reminded Members of voting procedures and timelines for the upcoming Annual Election and stressed the importance of achieving quorum. He further noted that this would be Director McCalley’s last meeting as a member of the TSRA BOD. He conveyed the thanks of the Board together with tokens of appreciation. REPORTS Board Chair Chair Nybakken reported on the Special Executive Session held on March 13, 2016, for purposes of receiving legal advice regarding management of Commons, noting that at that meeting the Board voted unanimously to suspend activities related to the Non-Industrial Timber Management Plan (NTMP), to dissolve the NTMP Task Force, and to explore other options for Commons management at a future time. Chair Nybakken also reported on the Executive Session held prior to the current regular meeting, noting that the Board heard updates on the Design Committee member recruitment process, conducted its annual review of policy committees (resulting in appointment of Chris Kenber to the FC, reappointment of Rick Hansen to the PC, and a one-year term extension of Clarence Korhonen on the UC), approved annual awards to be presented at the Annual Meeting in


As the very informative emails detailing progress on constructing the Sea Ranch Connect network flow into our inboxes, it’s clear that we are making good progress towards providing Sea Ranchers with a state of the art, high performance and highly reliable Internet service. This service will not only revolutionize Internet access across the entire Ranch: it will also provide the essential 21 st century services to improve our real estate values and make The Sea Ranch an attractive option for the next generation of owners. Part of the process of constructing and implementing the Sea Ranch Connect (SRC) network has been the selection of the gateway device that will allow every home to be connected to the network. Many of you will recall that when we described the service to you initially, we said that owners would need to purchase a gateway box for around $150 that would provide the in-home connection to the SRC service. In close consultation with our operating partner, Gigabit Now (GBN), we have selected the Calix family of gateways, with the model most owners will choose priced at $156. This model does not have Wi-Fi capability. There is a higher end option with powerful Wi-Fi capabilities that will be offered at $225. However, the Calix 716GE-I at $156 will provide a solution that will meet all normal needs because many Sea Ranchers already have Wi-Fi routers for their current Internet service.

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