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New Goals

New Year,

2017 was a year of transition. A lot has changed between the last of our sons moving out, my wife being housebound since September 2016, and our family moving into and fixing up our new home. But it’s also been a year of personal and professional growth. I’ve learned to adapt and have driven KAT Construction further than any year before. As we hit the new year, I find a lot to look forward to in the midst of several more changes I’m hoping to implement. around. Though my son Jake works with me, and I see my younger son most weekends, it’s not quite the same now that I have a whole house just to my wife and I. But I’m not about to complain. I’m proud of each of them and their accomplishments. No dad wants their kids crashing in the basement for the rest of their lives. I’ve written about this before, but it’s certainly been an adjustment not having any kids

projects myself whenever I have free time, like building a patio or setting up electricity in the garage. But I know my work will never be done. Every time I finish one thing, my wife thinks of a brand-new task.

That’s one of my primary goals as we move into the new year — to step back slightly from the business and reprioritize my time to focus on my wife and on my health. I’m hoping that as we push through winter, I can help her get more mobile so she’s not cooped up all the time. Of course, like everybody else I’m planning to finally get back into shape. I certainly need to return to running as often as possible. Though I don’t have a set date yet, I’m hoping that I can finish an Ironman sometime this year, preferably sooner than later. All in all, I’m optimistic about 2018’s possibilities. Though there’s certainly a lot of work to be done, there’s plenty to anticipate in the near future.

“That’s one of my primary goals as we move into the new year — to step back slightly from the business and reprioritize my time to focus on my wife and on my health.”

Soon after our sons departed, my wife and I moved to a big old house in the country. It was a solid structure with awesome foundations, but we purchased it with the intent to fix it up. Almost immediately, we gutted the interior, putting in hardwood floors and carpet. We’ve owned houses in the past, but this is the first one that truly feels like it’s ours in every respect of the word. I’ve been doing many of the

I think we’re lucky to have such a great new place, though, especially with everything that’s been going on with my wife. Since September of 2016, she’s been suffering with a neuropathy problem that’s left her unable to move about without help. I’ve spent a ton of time taking care of her, though I have to admit that the constant bustle of the business has stopped me from putting in as much time as I would like to.

–Keith Thompson




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