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amount of carbon dioxide in the air more than the sum of all the vehicles on the world’s roadways. Forestry, agriculture, and land use are also responsible for 24 percent of the world’s greenhouse gas emissions. The energy sector is responsible for 25 percent. Like our oceans, forests are carbon sinks, removing 2.4 billion tons of carbon and absorbing 8.8 billion tons of carbon dioxide annually. If everyone made an attempt to use less water, bring their own shopping bags to stores, shut off the lights when they left their rooms, use more paper than plastic products, fill up reusable water bottles with tap water, and plant more sustainable plant life and flora that attract pollinators, we could leave our planet in a CELEBRATING OUR PLANET AND DOING ALL WE CAN TO HELP IT My Own Sanctuary

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F or me, there’s nothing quite as peaceful and relaxing as my backyard. After a long day or week, I love to head back there and escape the hustle of the world for a little bit. It’s a great way to relieve stress. When I finally hang up my dental coat and retire, I plan to work in my garden and tend to the backyard I love so much, but for now, all the credit for the mastery that goes into creating this sanctuary goes to my wife and our gardening team.

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better condition for our children and grandchildren. According to North Carolina State University, one large

Surrounding our space with greenery is an easy — and relaxing — way to help

tree can absorb 48 pounds of carbon dioxide every year and provide oxygen for four people. At our dental clinic, there are plenty of ways we try to remain sustainable, too. We recycle what we can, and though we always wash our hands while working with patients, we

the environment. As we celebrate the 49th Earth Day on April 22, I’m reminded of simple ways we can be more environmentally conscious. Of course, we’ve all heard the lectures about reducing our waste, reusing what we can, and recycling biodegradable materials, and, thankfully, Earth Day is attracting more attention.

frequently use hand sanitizer as well. By using hand sanitizer, we are preserving gallons of precious water each day while also still keeping our dental clinic hygienic. This practice is supported by the Centers of Disease Control and Prevention and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The planet needs our help, and even the smallest actions can have a big impact. Each one of us requires the planet for our survival, and we should be willing to do our share to keep it clean. While it’s important to celebrate Earth Day in April, we should practice good environmental habits year-round. Whether you plant a tree or switch to a more sustainable energy source, Mother Earth will thank you. Have a wonderful spring, and happy Earth Day!

Did you know that only 9 percent of the 6.3 billion metric tons of plastic that was

produced in 2015 has been recycled? Additionally, according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, at least 8 million tons of plastic is dumped into our oceans each year. Americans also use


500 million plastic straws per day and throw away 100 billion plastic grocery bags each year. Across the globe, in our tropical rainforests, deforestation is contributing to the

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