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JUNE 2020



A TIME FOR REFLECTION Remembering My Father and My Son

To me, Father’s Day is a time for reflection, not just for fathers but also for sons and all men who positively affect the people around them. Two years ago, my dad died unexpectedly, and on holidays like Father’s Day, I can’t help thinking back to the memories we shared together. I grew up watching and mimicking my father — the way he worked, how he approached each problem in life, and his art of perseverance. My dad spent most of his life working hard and being active. In fact, most of my memories of my father are of him being athletic or working hard at something. He kept himself very busy, so I always tried to spend as much time with him as possible. My father found it relatively easy to maintain a fit appearance. His favorite activity was rollerblading through the neighborhood to show off his abilities. Dad was Canadian, and skating was a birthright. Whenever he had the chance, he would also compete in running races such as the Boston Marathon and other well-known events. I would

tag along with him and wait at the finish line. Our drives home were quiet, yet gratifying. The sense of accomplishment was the trophy at the end of the day. When I wasn’t watching him race or show off his rollerblading skills, I was helping him work. He was an electrician who was dedicating to “serving others” whether it was after hours or the weekend and holidays. I was proud of my father, and I loved to tag along. I loved watching the relationship he developed with his clients. I took responsibility for the vital service he was providing them. Some of his clients relied on the reliable delivery of electricity to run machines and devices that are needed to sustain their quality of life and independence. We rarely spoke a word while we worked, but it was always a comfortable silence. As I went out into the world on my own, I made the time to consistently speak to my dad on the phone every day. I filled him in on the many opportunities I pursued in my life. My father was always worried for me, as parents tend to do. He knew too well the cost of ambition and curiosity, and he wondered the real value of hard work when it interfered with quality family time as it often does. The dream he didn’t dare to dream for himself was playing out in my own life. It made him excited and uneasy at the same time. But whenever I needed him the most, he was always there for me. My father and my son spent much time together. My boy was the apple of his eye. When my dad looked into Liam’s eyes and rounded Liam’s shoulder with the palm of his hand, he was holding his own shoulder and seeing himself —

“My father is a man I will always remember, and my son

is a man I will never forget.”

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