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In our July newsletter’s “Firm Update,” I let you know that we would be trying a case in Cook County arising out of the negligence of a company driver not securing his semitractor-trailer. On July 28, 2016, our client was working as a forklift operator at his employer’s warehouse at O’Hare International Airport. The defendant, the trucking company driver, backed his tractor-trailer up to a loading dock at the warehouse. The driver failed to lock his brakes or chock the wheels of his trailer. When filling out the warehouse paperwork, the driver misrepresented that he had used both trailer securement methods and that a forklift could safely enter his trailer. When our client attempted to drive his forklift into the docked trailer to unload the palletized freight, the unsecured trailer rolled away from the dock. Our client and his forklift crashed down to the pavement below, causing permanent spine injuries. permanent. His treating physicians also believed that the forklift crash aggravated preexisting arthritis in his lumbar spine. As a result of his injuries, our client underwent dozens of physical therapy sessions, several steroid injections, and has lived with daily pain and discomfort. Prior to this crash, our client was pursuing a new career as a union glazier, which presented far greater earnings potential. Due to his injuries and subsequent work restrictions, our client will never be able to work as a glazier. This crash cost him a career. Nearly three years after the crash, the case was assigned out to trial. The parties selected a jury of twelve Cook County citizens who stood ready to rule on the merits of the case. After jury selection, the parties reached a $4,825,000 settlement. We are pleased that our client will be able to plan for a new career and will have some sense of security in the future. TRIAL UPDATE Though our client did not have any surgeries, his treating orthopedic surgeons testified that his spinal injuries were

I could not be prouder of how our attorneys, Pat Cummings and Jon Svitak, prepared this case for trial. Our attorneys and staff worked diligently to ensure our client had his day in court. When we filed this case, we made a promise to our client that we would try the case and have a jury of his peers decide who was on the right side of this case. We stand ready to do the same in our other filed cases.

– Joe Shannon

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