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Risk management SaskEnergy’s approach to risk management is to examine our operating activities, identify current and emerging risks, effectively communicate those risks throughout the organization, and actively manage risks through our Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) program. While risk management is the responsibility of all levels of management, the Board of Directors and Executive Committee set the tone, and provide leadership and oversight, for ERM. For example, the possibility of a cyberattack against SaskEnergy’s operating or information technology systems, which results in a loss or misuse of critical data and information, has been considered. The Board has received training on this issue and efforts have been made to address cyberattack risk, including putting programs and processes in place to prevent unauthorized access, and continued monitoring of the threat environment. Because the risks facing the organization continuously evolve, SaskEnergy’s risk management plans remain adaptive and flexible. Many sustainability-related risks — such as those related to the physical and transitional impacts of climate change, environmental protection, and stakeholder and community engagement — are overseen by the ESG Committee. Risks are monitored on an ongoing basis with the Board, Executive, and management. Executive risk owners are identified for each risk, and those risk owners oversee, through delegation, the existing processes and controls to manage the risk, as well as any new or additional process to further address the risk.

Integrity and ethics How SaskEnergy conducts our business, serves our communities, and meets our objectives is as important as the results we achieve. Sustainability is embedded in our corporate culture and is demonstrated in our operational activities. ESG principles foster a constructive approach to health and safety, community relations, environmental protection and diversity. SaskEnergy’s corporate values are reflected in our Code of Business Conduct and Ethics, which applies to every employee, contractor, officer, and director of SaskEnergy. The Code guides our behaviour and decision making as we serve our customers, interact with our fellow employees, and engage with stakeholders and communities. The Board’s ESG Committee monitors compliance with SaskEnergy’s Code, which includes waivers of the Code, our Whistleblower Policy, and the Reporting of Losses Policy. Our focus is on behaviours, judgments, decisions and actions that lead to fair outcomes for customers, our employees, communities and other stakeholders. Diversity policies A diverse workforce allows us to meet our environmental responsibilities as we provide energy to the people of Saskatchewan. We strive to ensure our director recruitment and succession planning efforts include a wide variety of expertise, perspectives and backgrounds. Also taken into consideration is a workforce that is representative of the communities in which we live and work, as well as other important dimensions of diversity such as gender and non-gender diversity, ethnicity, race, ancestral origin, age, geography, background, and sexual orientation. SaskEnergy’s Corporate Plan includes formal targets around the representation of women and non-gender diversity. We are committed to equality of opportunity and to increasing the representation of women and non-gender diversity in management and underrepresented roles within our company.

Full details of SaskEnergy’s Risk Management and Disclosure are available in the 2022-23 Annual Report, which is available on

More information on governance, including SaskEnergy’s Statement of Corporate Governance Practices, Board and Executive member biographies, and stakeholder engagement, is available on

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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