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Year-over-year emissions reductions In 2022-23, SaskEnergy achieved year-over-year GHG emissions reductions of 22,200 tonnes CO 2 e, which is equivalent to taking nearly 5,000 vehicles off the road. The emissions decrease was primarily due to infrastructure projects that saw the installation of higher efficiency operational equipment on our transmission system, as older and less efficient equipment was retired. Progress was also made on a number of emissions reduction initiatives that align with the focus areas in our roadmap to 35 per cent by 2030. Capturing vented gas to reduce emissions and fuel costs SaskEnergy continues to install emissions reduction devices on compressors to capture vented gas and redirect it into the engine air intake for use as a supplemental fuel source. In addition to the emissions reductions realized through this technology, it also lessens the amount of fuel needed to operate our compressors. We now have 24 compressors outfitted with emissions reduction devices and in 2022-23, the technology captured 160,800 m 3 of vented gas from compressors. This resulted in more than 2,900 tonnes CO 2 e of emissions reductions and saved nearly $27,000 in fuel costs. Monitoring energy consumption at the Regina Service Centre As part of our commitment to optimizing energy use in our buildings and facilities, we are piloting energy management software at our Regina Service Centre facility to monitor electricity and natural gas consumption. Through the software, the energy consumption of various electrical and natural gas equipment is monitored and assessed to identify opportunities to further optimize the building’s operations. In addition to consumption data, the software provides data on tonnes of carbon dioxide saved as operational efficiencies are achieved. Those savings are then calculated into relatable equivalents, such as vehicles removed from the road, and are displayed for everyone in the facility to see, keeping energy efficiency top of mind. In 2022-23, SaskEnergy achieved a 5.8 per cent reduction in electricity consumption at the Regina Service Centre as a result of this ongoing project.

SASKENERGY RECEIVES FOURTH NATIONAL AWARD FOR ENVIRONMENTAL STEWARDSHIP SaskEnergy was honoured to be the recipient of the Canadian Gas Association’s (CGA) 2023 Environmental Stewardship Award for Innovation in Emissions Reductions for our 35 per cent by 2030 Emissions Reduction Roadmap . The roadmap, which was unveiled in 2021-22, began with more than 850 emissions reduction ideas from our team members throughout the province. Based on these ideas, three priority areas were created to categorize the projects and activities that we will undertake to reduce our emissions from operations by 35 per cent by 2030. SaskEnergy’s emissions reduction roadmap will continue to evolve as regulatory requirements change and new technologies are advanced. This award marked our fourth CGA Environmental Stewardship award in just over one year.

“We recognized that achieving this target would require a coordinated and collaborative effort across the company. It is not just about implementing new technologies, but how we can impact processes and business decisions to achieve longer-term, sustainable emissions reduction.” –  Lori Parks, Manager, Emissions Management

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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