SaskEnergy 2022-23 Sustainability Report

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Supporting customers in reducing end-use emissions and energy costs Natural gas is a valuable energy source that has a role in Saskatchewan’s lower carbon future. SaskEnergy is committed to helping our customers reduce their end-use emissions and meet their environmental goals. More than 80 per cent of natural gas-related emissions are created through end-use combustion. As such, reducing customer end-use emissions is an area in which immediate environmental impacts can be made. Residential and commercial end-use emissions have declined by nearly 20 per cent over the last 20 years due to energy efficiency programs, more efficient natural gas appliances and improved building design. SaskEnergy’s customer programming supports the installation of equipment to optimize energy use, which allows our customers to reduce their end-use emissions and save money. SaskEnergy also collaborates with organizations such as the Canadian Gas Association (CGA) and the Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) on emissions reduction initiatives. We will continue to leverage investments to explore new cost-effective technologies that help customers reduce their emissions and achieve their sustainability objectives. Customer rebate programs As part of our commitment to assisting customers in reducing their emissions and lowering their energy costs, SaskEnergy offers — through our Network Members — rebate programs to residential and commercial customers. In 2022-23, we provided $1 million in additional funding toward customer energy efficiency rebates, bringing total program funding to more than $4 million. SaskEnergy has invested nearly $10 million in rebates since the beginning of 2019-20. · SaskEnergy’s Residential Equipment Replacement Rebate provides rebates for the purchase and installation of qualifying high-efficiency natural gas furnaces, boilers, combi-boilers, heat recovery ventilator systems (HRV), and water heaters. · The Commercial Boiler Rebate helps offset the incremental price of a high-efficiency natural gas condensing boiler over the purchase price of standard-efficiency equipment. · Our Commercial Space & Water Heating Rebate program offers rebates for natural gas furnaces, boilers, tankless and condensing water heaters, and infrared tube heaters in commercial applications. · The Hydronic Additive Rebate for Boilers is for the purchase and installation of eligible hydronic additives for boiler systems, which can increase operational efficiency.

Incremental GHG Savings (tonnes CO ² e/year)

Incremental Savings (GJ/year)




















Over the last six years, SaskEnergy’s efficiency programs have continued to reduce the amount of energy our customers use, as well as their GHG emissions. Customers who have participated in our energy efficiency programs, since 2017-18, are now saving more than 54,000 tonnes in CO 2 e emissions per year. This is equivalent to taking about 12,000 vehicles off the road. These GHG reductions are a result of high-efficiency gas appliances and include gas use savings as well as emissions reductions from electricity savings.

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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