SaskEnergy 2022-23 Sustainability Report

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Looking ahead SaskEnergy provides the residents and businesses of Saskatchewan with a critical source of energy. Natural gas meets close to half of the province’s energy demand and, in the short to medium term, the demand for gas is forecasted to grow. Natural gas for power generation is already one of the largest sources of demand in Saskatchewan and, with federal requirements mandating the retirement of coal-fired plants by 2030, demand for natural gas is expected to increase as the provincial system evolves into a mix of renewable and gas-fired sources. The energy demands of Saskatchewan’s winters are also an important consideration as the amount of energy delivered through natural gas on peak demand days is five times the amount of energy delivered through electricity. Recognizing our role in meeting Saskatchewan’s current and future needs, providing affordable energy is something that must remain a focus for SaskEnergy. At the same time, environmental responsibility is important to us — we are committed to reducing our emissions from operations and to assisting our customers in reducing their end- use emissions. As we look forward, it is imperative that we balance the advancement of our emissions reduction efforts with our ability

to remain an affordable energy provider. SaskEnergy will continue to meet increasing energy needs while focusing on financial stewardship, our emissions reduction goals, and programs that enable customers to lower their energy usage, which helps them reduce their emissions and decrease their energy costs. The evolving regulatory landscape will influence our emissions reduction priorities and our projects will be adjusted to meet these requirements. We will also continue to monitor developments in emissions reduction technology and explore opportunities to support our customers in reaching their emissions reduction goals. For example, SaskEnergy is currently exploring the feasibility of accepting renewable natural gas (RNG) onto our natural gas system. This would provide potential suppliers with gas standard specifications for RNG acceptance and determine the facility and technical requirements to safely accommodate RNG on our system. SaskEnergy has a strong foundation in place to meet the increasing demand for energy in Saskatchewan as we progress toward a lower carbon future. As SaskEnergy delivers responsible energy solutions to residents and businesses, we will support economic prosperity, reduce our emissions from operations, support our customers in reducing their end-use emissions and — by incorporating sustainability into the decisions we make — continue to serve the province as a sustainable energy provider.

2022-23 Sustainability Report


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