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Warmer Weather Ushers in More Business and Potential Job Openings PREPARING FOR THE Busy Season

S uper Bowl Sunday is usually a turning point for us at Liberty Inspection Group. After two of the NFL’s greatest teams battle it out on the gridiron, our business sees a major uptick in inspection requests. The reasoning behind this is pretty simple: It’s starting to get warm outside. As all real estate professionals know, warm weather seasons are often the most popular for home buyers to look for new spaces. When it’s warmer outside, potential home buyers can get a great feel for the property they are looking at, and it’s just a lot nicer to be shuffling between open houses and tours. Think about it: Would you rather see a property when it’s cold and slushy outside, or see the kind of haven it could be in the warmth of spring and summer? Sure, there are advantages to buying in the winter. You have less competition among other home buyers, and you can see how a property will operate under extreme conditions. It can be very advantageous to buy a home in the winter.

a great problem for us because, with the uptick in the market, we’re being called out to service more inspections. Right now, we’re seeing more growth, and we’re excited for the future of Liberty Inspection Group. This also means that we have more work that needs to be done, and in order to keep up with the demand while maintaining the level of quality we expect from our employees, we need more help. That’s why, for the past few months, Liberty Inspection Group has been in hiring mode, and not just for inspectors. We’re looking for help from multiple experts with diverse backgrounds. We require our inspectors to take their time through each house or property they inspect. Our inspectors are available for two jobs per day, so they can devote the necessary time for each client. This gives them enough time to find the location in our large service area, observe what they can, and answer any questions our clients may have. Plus, the time slot allows our inspectors to put in the proper dedication into each variety of property we find. The small condos we service get the same amount of care as the 8,000 square-foot homes. That’s just what we expect no matter how busy we are. It may not be obvious to everyone what kind of work goes into an everyday inspection. Our inspectors are expected to put in their full devotion and dedication for each job, and we don’t believe in packing their schedules with work. We believe in quality over quantity. But we’re still growing, and while we’re excited to see where this growth takes our company, we know we can’t do it alone. We rely on the help of our expert inspectors and the trust of the greater Philadelphia area to keep property owners safe. That’s a job we’ll always take seriously, even as we get busy.

Still, warmer weather remains the most popular real estate time of the year, and we have to be prepared for it at Liberty Inspection Group. This busy season creates

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