APEGA 2020 Annual Report

Registration with APEGA is a pivotal milestone for applicants. It’s also central to APEGA’s role to serve the public interest and keep Albertans safe. BECOMING LICENSED

Our Registration Department and Board of Examiners work together to establish

transparent and objective admission standards, policies, and processes. The review process is detailed and thorough to ensure applicants have the education, experience, English-language competency, and ethical and professional knowledge required for professional practice. We treat our potential registrants with respect by processing their applications honestly, fairly, and as timely as possible. Each application is unique and reviewed individually to ensure we fully understand all aspects and details. Many of our applicants are from outside Canada. We are committed to eliminating barriers for these internationally trained applicants. We review applications in a balanced manner based on applicants’ qualifications, not their countries of origin. Since 2012, we have been the only engineering and geoscience regulator in Canada to have a full-time international qualifications officer providing outreach and support for foreign professionals seeking licensure.



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