APEGA 2020 Annual Report

It was a good opportunity for our team to hear your thoughts and they felt the discussions were very constructive…we will begin implementing the upgrades to our PPMP.”

(Our team) felt the discussions were very constructive…we will begin implementing the upgrades to our Professional Practice Management Plan.”

— APEGA permit-holding company

— APEGA permit-holding company

Practice Standards We publish new and updated practice standards and guidelines to help APEGA registrants, permit-holding companies, and the public clearly understand the roles and responsibilities of engineering and geoscience professionals. • Our Authenticating Professional Work Products practice standard, published in July 2019, became enforceable in 2020. This practice standard clarifies how professionals can properly authenticate professional work products, including new sections on outsourcing and digital signatures. Since September 2019, a total of 10,871 registrants have completed our online authentication training, including 9,167 in 2020. • We gathered extensive feedback from registrants on our draft practice standard Relying on the Work of Others and Outsourcing . It outlines requirements for registrants and permit-holding companies when outsourcing and relying on professional services provided by others. A subject matter expert panel will review the feedback before the draft is submitted to APEGA Council for final approval.

Continuing Professional Development Program The continued competency of APEGA professionals is fundamental to self-regulation and our mission to safeguard the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Our mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program ensures that licensed engineering and geoscience professionals maintain and expand their knowledge and skills throughout their careers. The program requires licensed professionals to record and report their professional development hours to demonstrate their commitment to ongoing learning. In 2020, we contacted almost 14,000 licensed professionals who did not meet the program’s requirements. However, with the disruption of regular professional development activities in 2020 due to the pandemic, all APEGA registrants were granted special consideration for one reporting period: • the annual requirement for CPD hours was lowered to 30 hours and only one category (from 80 hours and three categories) • CPD audits and licence cancellations for CPD violations were temporarily suspended

APEGA introduced Canada’s first mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program for professional engineers and geoscientists in 1997.




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