APEGA 2020 Annual Report

Practice Review Board

THE PRACTICE REVIEW BOARD (PRB) ensures that APEGA’s licensed professionals using reserved titles and designations controlled by the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act (e.g., engineer and geoscientist) are qualified and competent to practise, and through their practise, they adhere to the standards, regulations, and ethics of these professions. Appointed by the minister of labour, I have the responsibility to fully participate in the work and decisions of the PRB to ensure the public’s interests are fully represented in the board’s considerations, deliberations, and decision-making processes. Although my term officially ended in March of 2020, I continued on in a volunteer capacity and have been reappointed as the Government of Alberta’s public representative as of November of 2020 for another three years. The PRB undertakes its responsibilities and work by making recommendations involving: • requests for reinstatement of APEGA licensure • requests to change practising status (e.g., permission to resume practice, non-practising declarations, and requests for special considerations to reduce the continuing professional development obligations based on employment or personal circumstances) • professional practice reviews of permit holders, which include file reviews, on-site reviews, and audits of their Professional Practice Management Plan, as required by the Engineering and Geoscience Professions Act • monitoring member compliance with the mandatory Continuing Professional Development Program • conducting inquiries into ethical conduct and skilled practice • revisions to and development and withdrawal of APEGA practice standards, guidelines, and bulletins Since 2017, following a successful pilot, the PRB has been implementing a systematic review of permit holders’ professional practices, including Professional Practice Management Plan reviews and detailed on-site audits as necessary. In 2020, the PRB submitted an update to APEGA Council on its overall implementation of our new organizational and operational structure with four subcommittees, and our accomplishments to date. It also outlined the board’s perspectives of the advantages and unexpected positive outcomes and benefits of our present systematic review process of permit holders, including increased engagement of permit holders throughout the practice review process, increased awareness and understanding of permit holder and registrant regulatory requirements, and the fostering of a positive relationship between permit holders and their professional organizations.

Specifically, the PRB is simultaneously committed to fulfilling two important goals related to the practice review process: 1. maintaining the high-level integrity of and public confidence in APEGA as a regulatory body 2. providing APEGA’s members with an optimal level of support to increase their understanding and awareness of, and support in, adhering to their professional practices, Alberta’s legislation and regulations, and APEGA’s bylaws, standards, and guidelines Kudos are due to APEGA, and to PRB staff in particular, for their excellent execution of implementing a remote set of working procedures to accommodate the pandemic restrictions. Staff and the PRB have continued to: • offer information sessions, advice, and various opportunities for improvement • effect changes and corrections to bring permit holders and registrants into compliance • improve CPD reporting • strengthen the practices of engineering and geoscience In 2020, the board approved 67 new practice reviews and closed 37 practice reviews. It handled 664 reinstatement applications, 85 resume-practice applications, and 527 special consideration requests. I am very encouraged by the initiatives and dedication of PRB volunteers and staff, as well as APEGA Council, in taking bold steps to improve their service to members for the overall benefit of Albertans. I commend them for their professionalism and diligence and have appreciated APEGA staff and the other volunteer members of the board fully embracing and giving due consideration to my input, on behalf of the public interest, which was reinforced by their request for my continued involvement during the intervening period prior to reappointment. It continues to be an honour to serve on APEGA’s Practice Review Board, ensuring the public’s interests are well represented and implemented.

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