COVID-19 Employees FAQs 3.14.20

COVID-19 FAQS FOR EMPLOYEES HAS CCV HAD ANY REPORTED CASES OF CORONAVIRUS? No. No cases have been reported at this time, among either employees or members. WILL ANY EMPLOYEES BE WORKING DURING THE CLOSURE?

Updated: Saturday, March 14

Yes. Some employees will be working during the closure to ensure that critical functions are maintained. HOW DO I KNOW IF I’M SUPPOSED TO WORK DURING THE CLOSURE? Your manager or supervisor will contact you if you are scheduled to work during the closure. IF WORK IS AVAILABLE FOR ME BUT I AM AFRAID TO WORK AT THIS TIME, WHAT HAPPENS? You will not be penalized if you are uncomfortable working. Discuss this with your manager to work out a mutually satisfactory solution. WILL I GET PAID IF I DO NOT WORK DURING THE CLOSURE? You may choose to use your accrued vacation/personal/sick (PTO) hours. During the current coronavirus crisis only, you may use accrued hours, even if you have not met the eligibility requirements. DO I HAVE TO USE MY VACATION HOURS THAT I WAS SAVING FOR AN UPCOMING VACATION IF I HAVE SICK HOURS AVAILABLE? No, you may use your sick hours first if you choose. (This is a one-time exception to the rules, only applicable during the current coronavirus crisis.) WHAT IF I DON’T HAVE ANY PTO? You may use vacation/personal/sick hours and “overdraft” your balance. Once you return to work, your balance will grow until it returns to positive hours. (This is a one-time exception to the rules, only applicable during the current coronavirus crisis.) CAN I USE AS MUCH PTO AS I WANT WHILE I AM NOT WORKING? No. You may use PTO hours each week equal to (or less than) your average weekly worked hours (based on calendar year-to-date hours). For example, if you normally work 25 hours per week, you may use up to 25 vacation hours per week during the closure. WHAT IF I RELY ON TIPS AND/OR COMMISSIONS FOR THE MAJORITY OF MY EARNINGS? HOW WILL MY PTO HOURS BE PAID? We will provide specific guidance to you in a separate communication. HOW WILL I GET MY PAYCHECK ON FRIDAY? Payroll will happen like it normally does. We will provide details as quickly as we can regarding how those who receive live paychecks will be able to get them. I AM FEELING STRESSED/WORRIED BECAUSE OF THE CORONAVIRUS CRISIS. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Remember that the Club provides an Employee Assistance Program to all employees. Visit or call 1-800-950-3434. THINGS TO KNOW IF YOU ARE SCHEDULED TO WORK DURING THE CLOSURE Employee Entrances Westhampton Clubhouse Loading dock Fitness/Racquet Sports Back Cool Springs Cafe kitchen entrance (near the dumpster) James River Clubhouse/Golf Loading dock Employees may park in member parking lots during the closure. Boxed lunches will be provided to staff working on property (both clubhouses and FRS Complex) during the closure. They will be available in the employee break rooms from 11 a.m. to noon. I HAVE MORE QUESTIONS. WHAT SHOULD I DO? Contact your immediate supervisor. If s/he can’t provide the answer they will reach out to our Human Resource De- partment. Of course, you can always call HR yourself. We are here to help.

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