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MARCH 2018

Proud to be MCCSC Empowering students to maximize their educational success to become, productive, responsible global citizens.





On Behalf of the Board of School Trustees and Administrative Team:

The past 8-months has brought many exciting and memorable moments throughout the Corporation. We are so fortunate for the dedicated administrators, staff, students and families that makes the Monroe County Community School Corporation a leader in education. Our strength lies in the celebration of our diversity and the commitment of empowering each student to succeed. The MCCSC was most recently recognized as a 2017 Internationally Recognized Model Professional Learning Community by Solution Tree.

“The example you set for other schools and districts around the world is truly a remarkable accomplishment.” ~ Jeffrey Jones, CEO, Solution Tree The MCCSC sets a solid foundation for our students to reach their goals. We are so proud of the many accomplishments of our students, faculty and staff, a few of which have been highlighted. We hope you take time over Spring Break to relax and enjoy time family and friends.

Internationally Recognized PLC Certificate

Six MCCSC Teachers Receive Lilly Endowment Teacher Creativity

Two Receive State Recognition

Angela A. Cannon Bloomington North

“Pilgrimage to Reality: An English Teacher’s First Trip ‘Home’ to Historical England”—visit palaces, gardens, ships and forts of historical England; explore literary spots, landmarks in Paris; post blogs and videos.

D r . R o y Reynolds, F a i r v i e w Elementary Art Teacher,

Natasha T. Roe Bloomington North

“History Repeats Itself: A Muslim-American’s Journey Through the Roman Empire”—gain a better historical perspective by studying the effects of nationalism among ancient Roman citizens and foreigners through visiting Great Britain, France and Italy; apply lessons learned to current trends toward nationalism. Elizabeth S. Sweeney Bloomington North “Chasing the Ghost of My Father: Cooking and Culture in Vietnam”— study culture and cuisine from Saigon to Hanoi.

was awarded the Elementary the Art Education Association of I nd i a n a ( AEA I ) , Sc hoo l A r t Educator of the Year. Award recipients are nominated by their peers and are teachers who show outstanding educational and artistic achievement and service in art education.

Sheila M. McDermott-Sipe Bloomington South

M s . L i s a Z o r n , B i n f o r d Elementary m u s i c t e a c h e r , h a s b e e n named the

“Whose Life Is It Anyway? A Teacher’s Improvisation(al) Pilgrimage”— participate in improvisation workshops and performances and comedy sketch writing classes in Chicago, Boston and Los Angeles.

Joshua J. Livingston Templeton Elementary School

2017-2018 Indiana Elementary Music Teacher of the Year by the I n d i a n a M u s i c E d u c a t i o n Association. These awards are given to those teachers who have e x e m p l i fi e d o u t s t a n d i n g achievement in the field of music education.

“A Walk in the Woods with John”—hike the 222-mile John Muir Trail; document the journey through writing, photography and videography. Amie L. Easton Templeton Elementary and Childs Elementary Schools “Rocky Days, Starry Nights”—hunt for rocks and minerals in Michigan and the American Southwest; learn the art of lapidary; start a Junior Rockhound Club at school.

32nd Annual Strings Spectacular On January 11, 2018, the 32nd Annual Strings Spectacular filled the gymnasium of Bloomington High School South with the melodious sounds of violins, violas, cellos, and contrabass stringed instruments. Performing before a “standing room only” audience, Mr. Jon Hansen, Director of Hoosier Youth Philharmonic led the orchestra, which comprises of approximately 500 student-musicians ranging from 5th through 12th grade. The evening was a showcase for the amazing talent of our students and their efforts throughout the 2017-2018 school year.

The City of Bloomington Black History Month Essay Winners ELEMENTARY SCHOOL 1st - Nehemiah Dangerfield-Morris (Fairview Elementary School) 2nd- Mirayah White (Fairview Elementary School) 3rd Campbell Scott-Harmon (Childs Elementary School) MIDDLE SCHOOL

1st-Riley Paulin (Jackson Creek Middle School) 2nd-Sophia Ramlo (Jackson Creek Middle School) 3rd-Eva Diane Stuart (Jackson Creek Middle School) HIGH SCHOOL 1st-Tracy Lamptey (Bloomington High School North) 2nd-Edward Jackson (Bloomington High School North) 3rd-Jaswant Saahir (Bloomington High School South)

The Monroe County Community Board of School Trustees has approved construction of the Early Learning Center which will be located at 401 E. Miller Drive. The Early Learning Center will have two rooms for each age group; infants, toddlers and pre-school along with a multipurpose room and additional space for expansion.

The Center will be able accommodate 86-90 children starting in the fall of 2018 and will follow the MCCSC calendar with an additional week before school begins and one week after school releases for the summer. The Center will be closed during the summer. For more information on how to register your child, click here.


MCCSC SCHOOL SPOTLIGHT: Unionville Elementary

What is E.A.R.T.H.? Unionville Elementary is a unique and positive part of the MCCSC and greater Monroe County community. It is located on 18 acres, which includes walking trails through the woods, a pond, and 2 outdoor learning spaces (amphitheater at the pond and outdoor learning lab on the playground). Additionally, the school sits amid of local farms and makers of all sorts. There is a natural connection to the Earth with local pride in self-reliance and creativity. The staff did a lot of reflecting in the spring of 2017 related to what makes Unionville special and how to move that work forward. The acronym E.A.R.T.H. was a way to communicate the point of view and to structure work in a more focused and compelling way. Each letter represents a topic, which is integrated into the curriculum and structure of Unionville Elementary School. E = Environment
 A = Art
 The work of fully integrating the E.A.R.T.H. topics into the curriculum continues. The staff has taken meaningful steps forward, including frequent use of outside spaces and an increase in science experiences. Additionally, the formation of meaningful connections with community partners is a priority. These partners provide expert advice related to curriculum and concepts being explored in classrooms as well as supporting resources. The vision for the next 5 years is transformational as the line between indoor and outdoor education will be blurred. Students will gain new perspectives related to their place in the world and their role in the learning environment. Unionville Elementary hopes to serve as a model for other schools seeking to integrate and combine the philosophies and curriculum related to STEAM, 21st Century Skills, outdoor education, and health. E.A.R.T.H. is a model for 21st century learning. Our world needs: 1) inhabitants with a deep connection, respect, and appreciation for nature, 2) people who are problem solvers, experienced in using technology and creativity to generate solutions and to communicate with stakeholders, and 3) individuals who integrate health and wellness into their lives. Unionville believes E.A.R.T.H. is a framework for shaping students, tomorrow’s leaders, to live in and contribute to a better world. R = Resources T = Technology H = Health

Proud to be MCCSC!

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