Data Privacy & Security Digital Digest_Winter 2022

Fun and Games and Betty White

Try a cybersecurity word puzzle! Improve your cyber security awareness with a word search puzzle. Train staff using a Cyber Escape Room Living Security’s Cyber escape room combines fun with cybersecurity awareness training. See the video and schedule a demo here. Cybersecurity Games from Texas A&M’s Division of Information Technology The Texas A&M Division of Information Technology has an annual tradition of creating a campus-wide IT security game to observe National Cybersecurity Month. Games date back to 2013 and can be found on their Cybersecurity Games page.

CISA Cybersecurity Games One of our favorite agencies, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), has partnered with Pacific Northwest Laboratory to develop a series of educational cybersecurity games. “Each game presents simulated cybersecurity threats, defenses, and response actions” and the mobile apps are designed for Android and Apple iOS devices. Learn more about these games here. Security Awareness Games from the Center for Development of Security Intelligence (CDSE) The CDSE Security Awareness Games page has a long list of game options that cover cybersecurity topics in multiple game formats.

And now, Betty White will share her thoughts on Multi-factor Authentication. We miss you Betty.

Data Privacy & Security Service, Issue 24

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