Westcoast Chiropractic Experts - February 2020

February 2020

For My Honor

The Moment I Knew My Wife Was the Woman for Me

Relieved, I figured it was just a few dribbles on my thick ski jacket as the guy walked across the restaurant with his glass. But what I soon learned was this guy and his friend purposely poured their drinks on my coat — I still don’t understand why — and Amanda was ticked. Amanda stands up and gets ready to fight the guy who poured his drink out on my coat, and our friend Mark held her back before she could get a swing in. She was ready to defend my honor and fight these seemingly dumb guys over a ridiculous “prank” the two had played on me. After that happened, I started saving up money for a ring and proposed a few months later. We were married on Labor Day weekend, Sept. 2, 2006. Today, Amanda still kicks ass, but it’s usually just mine! In all seriousness, she’s a wonderful mother to our kids, is encouraging but firm, and gets them involved in a lot of really cool activities. In fact, because of Amanda, our boys played piano at the mall during the holidays! Talk about a proud husband and father moment. Amanda outworks anyone I know. She’s a diplomate of the American Chiropractic Board of Radiologists. She completed her residency for this designation during our first three years of marriage and And that’s when I knew.

You know those classic fairytale stories where the prince rescues the princess from danger and defends her honor? My wife and I have a similar story … sort of. Amanda and I met in chiropractic college and our first “date” was a bit of a chance happening. It was just after finals, and a group of us agreed to meet somewhere for drinks and dinner to celebrate. Soon enough, nine turned to eight, then seven, and before we knew it, Amanda and I were the only ones to show up to this gathering. Despite our friends ditching us, we still made the most of our night together. We went to Joe’s Crab Shack for dinner — we were actually gifted a free meal after they screwed up our order — and grabbed some drinks afterward. From there, we continued to date, and that’s how we found ourselves in Lake Tahoe on one fateful day. We were up at Lake Tahoe with some friends for a weekend of skiing. We went out to dinner with our friends one night, and I watched as Amanda’s face went from fun and relaxed to horrified. Confused and concerned, I asked her what was wrong. With the look of death on her face, Amanda said, “That guy spilled drinks on your jacket.”

continues to inspire me with how hard she works every day. We complement each other in ways that push our business forward together. She’s a realist who isn’t afraid to get into the nitty-gritty of what’s going on. I remember when we first started dating, I used to try to protect her feelings, but that’s not what Amanda wants or thrives on. Every day, I’m proud to live this life with Amanda by my side. She makes me a better person, and I always know that with her, I have someone in my corner.

Happy Valentine’s Day and birthday, Amanda!

–Dr. Josh Satterlee



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