Biola Broadcaster - 1953-02


VOL 1, NO. 2

Shut-in Interviewed on Air

Here you see Mr. Al Sanders, Director of the Bible Institute Hour, interviewing Mrs. Ray D. Arnold of 1226 East Mason Street, Santa Barbara, California, as to the length of time she has been a member of the Bible Institute Hour radio family. Mrs. Arnold declared she has been a faithful listener to the broadcasts since she became an invalid ten years ago, suffering from arthritis and unable even to straight– en her legs. After hearing her testimony, the Biola choir sang her favorite hymn, "Under His Wings." The Shut-in interview will be a regular feature of the Bible Institute Hour, and those of you who have friends who are invalids are invited to submit their names, so that sometime in the future we may be ·able to take our microphone into their homes. ~····················································· Look lor In tla.. IBBue ••• • BIOLA ON TELEVISION • DR. TALBOT RETURNS TO AIR • "BEHIND THE MICROPHONE" • C:HORlJS OP THE MONTH · . ·-· .............................................. -.~, .. •:

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