2017-2018 Annual Report "The Flame"


Beach of Tel Aviv Visit to Independence Hall where the State of Israel was founded 70 years ago Tour of Old Jaffa Visit to Sderot to learn about the special challenges of living in southern Israel Archeological dig in Tel Maresha Riding camels in the Judaean Desert at sunset Climbing Masada at sunrise Swimming in the Dead Sea Shabbat at Kibbutz Ketura Snorkeling at Almog Beach Water Sports on the Red Sea Jeep Ride & Rappelling at the Ramon Crater Visiting the desert home of David Ben Gurion in Sde Boker Visiting the Old City of Jerusalem and praying at the Kotel (Western Wall) Tour the Old City of Tzfat- the City of Kabbalah Visit the children of Ahavah Village- a school and foster home for underprivileged children Visit Haifa and Rosh Haniqra

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